What can we say about the Pats that hasn’t been said on every sports call-in show and in barbershop in North America for the last decade or so. They are as polarizing and successful as any sports franchise this century, and have become the New York Yankees of the NFL. Tom Brady is the current face of the franchise. But they have also been the home for Hall of Fame names, such as Stanley Morgan, Ben Coates, Jim Nance, Sam Cunningham, Drew Bledsoe, Jon Morris, Troy Brown, Tedy Bruschi, Ty Law, Willie McGinest… [+]

They have won 4 Super Bowls, all in the Brady-era. They have also won the AFC 8 times over the years (6 under Brady), and 13 division titles since 2001.

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Key dates in the team history. Sept. 30, 2001: Tom Brady’s first career start at QB in place of the injured Drew Bledsoe. The rest, as they say, is history

How strong is the team within its division/conference? This team IS their division. They have been pretty much a lock to win their division every single year since 2001. 

What are the team’s main strengths vs weaknesses? The team is famous for an offensive system that puts Brady at the center of it all, and gets the most from all of its high-profile/ high pay weapons. On the defensive side, their D is often overshadowed, but it’s been good enough to win the division and make the playoffs, year-after-year. 

How far does the team usually go in the league? This team is pretty much playoff bound every year. You can bet on them having a strong regular season, even if they get off to a slow start, and people declare the end of the dynasty. Pundits have said this many times, and been dead wrong.