The LA Lakers are one of the most historic franchises in the NBA with 16 NBA championships and a litany of some of the greatest ever players to wear their jersey. Names like Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaq, and Kobe Bryant are just a small sample of the Hall-of-Fame talent the Lakers have has alumni. The Lakers have brought plenty of NBA bettors plenty of profits over the years with all that talent. [+]

It’s a big reason why no matter how good or bad the Lakers are in a given year that the LA Lakers lines are still dissected by plenty of bettors each night.

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The “Showtime” days in Laker-Land might be long gone, but LA Lakers scores are still a prominent feature on nightly highlight shows across the country. You can see the Lakers full season schedule and results here.

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All of that prestigious history means the Lakers standings positioning is typically near the top. That hasn’t been the case in recent years though. See where they sit in this year’s standings here.


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One could write hundreds of thousands of words on the Lakers success in the past, but the NBA betting world is a “what have you done for me lately” business and it’s been anything but successful for the Lakers in that regard. LA was bad in the 13-14 season with a 27-55 straight up record, but they’ve gotten progressively worse in the two seasons that have followed. Riding out the financially constraining contract of a diminished Kobe Bryant was a big reason for those brutal seasons, and now that Bryant has retired, the Lakers brass is hoping they can rise to prominence again very soon.

There’s been a large youth movement for the Lakers with all those poor seasons and it’s those high draft choices that will become the face of this franchise going forward. Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, and Jordan Clarkson are the likely core this organization will build around, and you can never discount the idea of the Lakers “buying” a top free agent talent to expedite the rebuilding process with all the money they have freed up during these down years.

It won’t be long before this Lakers organization becomes a profitable betting option for bettors again. After all, despite a 17-65 straight up record and a 36-45-1 against the spread mark in 2015-16, it was the Lakers who were responsible for the biggest upset in the NBA that year. The Lakers were a 17.5-point home underdog against Golden State in early March and won the game outright 112-95. Bettors that had the stones to put a moneyline bet on the Lakers that day likely bathed in the winnings.