The Canadian Football League is one of the oldest traditions in Canadians sports; and the passion of the fans nationwide reflects its importance in Canadian culture. The eight-team league is divided into the East and West Conferences where teams play each other four times in their respective conference. The winner of each conference joins to battle for the Grey Cup. With more than a century history, fans and sports bettors in Canada have a pretty good idea of their teams and how they will fare during the season. [+]

The odds comparison table found below is an easy-to-use checkbook for the best odds that are available online in Canada. Just compare the odds from the different sportsbooks, and choose the ones that work best for you. Each book has different offers and odds so be sure to observe them all.

The CFL is often seen as the more modest cousin of the sporting giant that is the NFL. But despite being only a tenth in size in terms of financing and popularity, it still manages to produce a highly entertaining and competitive product. In fact, the CFL has produced several NFL superstars like Joe Theismann, Warren Moon and Cameron Wake. Most of the betting money is lumped on the NFL hence why oddsmakers primarily focus on it but both CFL fans and shrewd gamblers alike will find a lot of value betting on the CFL especially on the occasional undervalued team or game.

CFL Betting Lines

Below, we compiled the best wagering options from various sportsbooks on current games. This widget doubles as a schedule so you can view more than this week’s set of games. [+]

This odds comparison table will help you decide how and when to bet on odds marked for CFL Money Line, Point Spread and Game Total. Moneyline shows odds for the winner of the game straight up. Follow the Money Line row across and check the odds at the different sites.  Point Spread is based on if a certain team will win the game by a certain amount of points. Once again follow across and decide if one book leans a little more in your direction to pinpoint a wager that is right for you. Game Total (OVER/UNDER) lets you pick whether there will be more points scored by the two teams combined, or less points, compared to the total that is posted.

Remember, CFL line movement can and will affect the listed odds and the sportsbooks adjust them accordingly. It never hurts to come back and see if a particular sportsbooks has improved any odds in your favor.

Results / Fixtures

CFL Standings

Keeping up to date with how the entire league is shaping up is crucial when it comes to making educated bets. The widget here not only lists every team’s win and loss record but also the total points they score (+) and total points they give up (-).


How To Bet On CFL

Like the NFL, there is plenty of turnover every season for the CFL. Thanks to having a smaller league size, teams face each other more often than not and despite how competitive the league gets, there is always notable disparity. At the end of each CFL season, six of the nine teams make the postseason and regardless of records, it’s anyone’s guess who comes out on top.

The competitive nature of the CFL makes it tough for franchises to remain on top for very long but some like the Montreal Alouettes and Calgary Stampeders have established consistently strong teams. The Alouettes are in a rebuild but the Stampeders will continue impressing while other teams like the Edmonton Eskimos and Ottawa Redblacks will look to rekindle their past success.

Upsets are also commonplace in the CFL. Even cellar dweller teams like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can pull off the occasional upset. And like the Redblacks proved, it’s very possible for teams to go from worst to first in one season. A lot of lines on teams especially in the early season are still based on earlier history so keep note on which teams could be in for a turnaround season and bet them while their returns are still sizable.

Unlike its American counterpart, offense is easier to come by in the CFL thanks to having a bigger field and endzone and passer-friendly rules. As a result, betting the over on the over/unders or totals is a recommended play especially if it’s a game between two high-powered offenses. The totals work by placing a wager on whether a given score i.e. 56.5 will be over or under the total score between both teams playing.