The FIBA Basketball World Cup is the premiere international basketball tournament featuring teams from all over the globe. The teams are part of FIBA, the sport’s global governing body. The current format involves 24 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation. The tournament is held every four years except for a few occasions. Presently, the United States have dominated the tournament winning gold five times and medaling 12 times out of the 17 tournaments. Gamblers may look for quick easy profits with dominant favourites but sharper ones may snatch a few cheaper options.

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Basketball World Cup Standings

Check the current standings of all World Cup teams here. This widget effectively organizes each by group and adds the points for (+) and points against (-) for each. Figuring out where teams finish can help you predict who will be playing who in the knockout rounds.


How To Bet On Basketball World Cup

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet but basketball is probably in the top three. The FIBA World Cup is a popular sporting competition and since allowing pros to compete in 1989 the tournament has only grown more intriguing. Generally, teams that have a good share of NBA players do best but not always. A bettor who does their due diligence will gain an edge over the casual who simply bets on the popular picks.

To nobody’s surprise, team USA has over a winning rate over 80% in the world stage and have made the semifinals in 14 of the 17 tournaments. The USA are the closest thing to a sure thing in gambling but to bet on them you’ll have to pay a king’s ransom on the money line. Try betting them on the point spread although they will also be expected to blow out their competition by a humongous margin well over double digits.

The FIBA World Cup is supposed to showcase of the world’s best basketball teams but it mostly just shows the great disparity between the FIBA Americas and FIBA Europe teams. Only teams from both continents have winning percentages in the tournament and only 14 total teams have a better than 50% winning percentage. On the flipside, FIBA Asia and FIBA Africa teams continue to get dusted and not even a single nation can afford a 40% winning rate. As a result, betting lines will be very skewed for FIBA Americas and Europe teams when not facing each other but a shrewd gambler may score big on the rare upset from Asia or Africa.

Home court advantage is usually a big thing in the pros but not on the world stage. Since inception, only 3 of 16 (19%) host teams have won the tournament and no host has won it since Yugoslavia in 1970. Not even powerhouses like Spain, Argentina or the US have won as hosts since.