When Disney first purchased an NHL team in 1993, it seemed to be motivated by the movie franchise that shared the same moniker. While they didn’t perform too badly, the team really came into their own after they dropped the mighty from their name when ownership transferred hands. Since 2005, Anaheim Ducks lines have shown them to be a powerhouse of the western conference.

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The turning point for the Ducks occurred when Disney sold the team to the Samuelis, who leaned on Brian Burke to once again finish the build of a championship caliber team. This deal was sealed in 2005, and the Ducks won their first Stanley Cup in 2006-07. They won their first Conference Championship in 2002-03, when Jean-Sebastien Giguere dragged them to the Stanley Cup Finals on the merits of one of the best post seasons ever by a goalie.

Anaheim Ducks hockey has had them at the top of their division and challenging for the conference title for several years, parleying the talents of the 2006-07 team into a lasting contender through shrewd moves and superb drafting. As a result, they’ve taken five division titles since 2006-07, including four straight between 2012-2016. Unfortunately, they tend to fade in the post season, unable to return to the Stanley Cup finals.

The Ducks have been known for their top flight duo of Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, who are one of the toughest forward pairings to deal with in terms of both physicality and skill. Continued success for the Ducks has been the result of finding a strong supporting cast for supplementary scoring and shutdown defence. As of late, their goaltending and defence has been up and down, especially compared to the stability provided by Giguere and the hall-of-fame pairing of Pronger and Niedermeyer.

Since the team has done fairly well in terms of maintaining a high level of talent, the Anaheim Ducks can challenge for the Stanley Cup on any given season. Their top players have proven to be consistent over many years of regular season and playoff grind, allowing the squad to constantly be one or two key players, or key performances, away from earning their next cup win.