he NBA All-Star game is the unofficial midpoint of the NBA season and it gives the players a chance to relax and unwind for a few days. Typically you see the same cast of characters on each All-Star team with the starting lineups decided by fan voting, but these superstars understand that they are there to put on a show and that’s usually what they do. From a betting perspective, online NBA All Star game betting should be considered more of an ‘action’ play rather than the in-depth handicapping process used for regular season games. [+]

That’s because trusting players to try hard and win is basically an uncertainty in this showcase game and can’t be overlooked.

NBA All Star Game Betting Lines

Even though it is an exhibition showcase, sportsbooks aren’t shy about putting up NBA All Star game betting lines. You’ll see the highest total (usually in the 300’s) you’ll see all year with the spreads relatively small. That speaks to the talent on the floor and the general disdain for playing defence by everyone.

NBA All Star Game Betting Trends

Most major sportsbooks, including the ones below, all offer the ability to buy points on the NBA All Star Game. Check out our list below of recommended NBA All Star Game sportsbooks for Canadian gamblers.

    How To Bet On NBA All Star Game

    With the dynamics of the NBA All-Star game vastly different to any other regular season game, bettors have to play with caution when considering a wager. During the year guys are trying to win each time out on the floor, but in the All-Star game, winning is secondary to putting on a good show. Now you will see the competitive side of the players come out late in the 4th quarter of a close All-Star game, but with so many points being scored seemingly at will, do you really want to risk a lot of money on a game where you know the player’s aren’t really looking to get that key defensive stop during the game?

    Typically it’s the total that sees more betting action in the NBA All-Star game and that’s because bettors know there will be plenty of points. In fact, from 2014 through 2016, sportsbooks have been putting higher and higher totals up each year and the players follow suit with more and more points. The 2014 edition of the game saw 318 points scored, 321 were scored in 2015, and we had 369 points in the 2016 game! That is a boatload of points even with knowing there isn’t much defence out there, and while the ‘over’ wager has been cashing in those recent games, it’s only a matter of time before sportsbooks catch up and put up an even higher number that won’t be surpassed.

    In the coming years that is definitely something to keep an eye on. NBA All Star betting lines on the total will always attract plenty of ‘over’ action from bettors, but if you are able to stay ahead of the curve you can turn this exhibition game into a profitable one for your betting account.