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CFL Thursday Night Football Week 13

CFL Thursday Night Football Week 13
Well, CFL fans. The Blue Jays had a brief fling with winning, after their wild card race was essentially over. Now that it’s over, we can turn our attention back to football where it belongs. We’ve got 4 big games this weekend, with a double dip on Saturday. Read more to see who’s going to win and where you should place your bets this weekend.

CFL Football Thursday Games

If you have been in a coma for two weeks and you are a fan of a team in the Eastern conference, boy do we have a lot to talk about. The Tiger-Cats were the joke of the CFL for weeks, and started 0-8 with several ass kickings there. Now, they’re the hottest team in the East and have only one more loss than the leaders. Meanwhile, out West, Calgary has asserted firm control of the conference and the league’s lead.

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The CFL‘s favourites are starting to emerge. 

I’m not a broken record or a skipping CD. The discrepancy between the East and West is getting worse each week. With Hamilton winning 2 straight games, they’re now embarrassingly in the hunt. Literally, any team can win the Eastern Conference, and will likely do it with a losing record. The Alouettes and the Argos share the lead at, uh, 3-7… not a very conference-leading worthy record. The doors are open for anyone to step up and own this conference. Will someone please do it?

The Cats are on fire, don’t look meow. There’s no way to fight that pun. I didn’t even try. I’m gonna be honest. This is the most fascinating game of the weekend. I love this. Hamilton is the only team in the East on a winning streak! But let’s remember both those wins came against teams in the East. 

Meanwhile. The Riders are coming off a loss to the Bombers and can’t seem to play worth a damn on the road. They’re 5-5 overall, with 4 of their losses coming on the road. This one is interesting and I wouldn’t have called this 3 weeks ago: Cats win in a thriller

Prediction: The Hamilton Tiger Cats

  • The Edmonton (7-4) at the Toronto (3-7) (Saturday, September 16 at 4 PM)

While the Redblacks and the Alouettes try to kill each other, the other team in the hunt in the east has their work cut out for them at home. 

It’s been a rough 4 weeks for the Eskimos. They’ve fallen off a cliff and out of the lead in the west with 4 straight ugly losses. The last one hurt the most, losing by 3 at home to the Stampeders. They need to regain their footing and are on the road in Toronto to do it. Toronto is only 3-2 at home, and the Argos have dropped their last 2 overall. 

During that stretch, they lost close games to both the best (Calgary) and worst (Hamilton) teams in the CFL. Mind you, both games were on the road. This is a battle of two teams who desperately want to stop the bleeding and I predict Edmonton will cauterize first.

Prediction: Edmonton Eskimos 

The Stampeders are looking like champions. They are the hottest team in the league after winning 7 straight, and put their undefeated record on the line against the Lions. BC is struggling to find some consistency, as they’ve dropped 3 of their last 4 games, including a home-loss to these same Stamps a few weeks ago.

They would love to put an end to all that losing this week, but I don’t like their odds. 

Prediction: Calgary Stampeders 

  • The Ottawa (4-7) at the Montreal (3-8) (Sunday, September 17 at 1 PM)

Sunday’s game is an eastern conference… game. That’s the nicest thing I can say about it. Both of these teams have had their eyes on the lead in the east and breaking through to a winning record, but Montreal went on a 4-game skid, while the Argos have lost their last 2 games. Someone has to win! Wait, actually, if this game ends in a tie I’ll stop watching East games completely. 

Toronto is shaking things up… because they have to. They started by signing some former NFL talent in former NFL linebacker Akeem Jordan. They also announced the hiring of Jonathan Himebauch as an offensive line coach. They need help wherever they can get it, but I’m predicting they will win after a week off.

Prediction: Toronto Argos

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