Top 10 Betting Tips For 2016 Fantasy Football

NFL preseason action is in full swing so it’s time to start planning for the Fantasy Football season. The popularity of fantasy sports is at an all time high as seasoned pros and casual fans alike are flocking to daily, weekly and full season drafts. Researching Fantasy Football numbers helps bettors cash more winning NFL wagers. As with NFL betting tips, preparation through research is the key to success. Here is a list of top ten players to watch during your 2016 Fantasy Football draft.

NFL Betting: Researching Fantasy Football Numbers Helps Cash Winners

Sports bettors need every edge they can get – especially when it comes to the National Football League. If Fantasy Football isn’t part of your research regiment then you are not going the full mile. This applies to many aspects of the NFL. From futures betting, to placing bets against the spread, money line and game total betting plus game-by-game player proposition wagering. From a futures perspective, consider the average Top 100 Fantasy Players list. The Patriots, Cardinals, and Steelers all have five players on that list. Teams like the Vikings, Rams and 49ers only have one listed.

Arizona having five of the top 100 Fantasy players sways us towards their 9.5 (-212) win total price going OVER in 2016. Minnesota with one player on the list makes us take a look at the UNDER on their 9.5 (-137) line. Once the season kicks in, checking the value of players on Daily fantasy menus can help with player props – especially the head-to-head matchups. While the fantasy numbers are not “end-all be-all” they should be considered when doing your homework. Once your research is complete – head over to SportsInteraction for some of the best NFL betting action all season long.

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