Top 10 Most Expensive Gyms In The World

When signing up for a gym membership, everyone has the goal of bettering themselves and getting healthier. But often times after the initial excitement of going to the gym wears off, many people view gym memberships as an added expense that can be cut out of the budget. That’s not the case for members looking to get the best out of themselves and willing to pay for it at these expensive gyms in the world. These are some luxurious fitness facilities that exist all across the globe and charge members a hefty sum to experience all the perks. 

Expensive Gyms a Luxurious Way to Get Fit

As you can see from the list, some of these fitness facilities around the world are too expensive for the regular individual looking to get fit. But for those that can afford them and are willing to dedicate themselves to an active, healthy lifestyle, there aren’t better places out there to train. From all the spectacular perks and state-of-the-art equipment offered at these places, to the first-class trainers and coaches they employ, these gyms can charge four to five figures for a membership because they flat out provide that level of service in all areas of fitness.

Whether it’s the trainers, the numerous pools/fields/classes they offer, or any other service that makes going to the gym that much more pleasurable for their members, the 10 most expensive gyms that made this list get the job done.

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