Since going to the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) format in 1998, the BCS National Championship game has been the biggest event in College Football betting for anyone who likes to put down action on the NCAA’s best. If there’s one thing our neighbors to the South do well, it’s run a Championship game. Although it is a College game, it’s definitely for the “big boys” of NCAAF, especially the hard-nosed SEC conference. With a record 9 appearances in previous BCS Championship games, the SEC has always been well-represented, but never better than 2012, where both #1 ranked LSU and #2 ranked Alabama both hail from the SouthEast Conference. [+]

Betting on this huge sports event is big business for online sportsbooks. With that in mind, Canadian sports bettors can find huge offers to get their bets in before Kickoff. Our Top Ranked Sportsbooks each offer big betting opportunities on the BCS Championship game. With their huge initial deposit bonuses and easy join processes, if you’re reading these words then you should definitely check out the links to the right and place your bets before the Tigers and Crimson Tide clash for the National Title on January 9.

BCS Championship Betting Lines

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BCS Championship Betting Trends

When looking at the Odds for the NCAA BCS Championship game there’s sure to be lots of similarities, but the sheer number of available bets will give you options galore. Reduced Juice lines, Player and Team specific Prop bets, If Bets, Parlays, Point Teasers – the possibilities are endless. The temptation to put your whole balance on the Point Spread will be big, but with so many choices, play the field and you’ll be glad you did. Check out the Odds available at our top-ranked sportsbooks below.

    How To Bet On BCS Championship

    On Monday, January 9, 2012 The #1 ranked LSU Tigers take on the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide at the New Orleans Superdome in a game that pits a rematch of the regular season matchup. LSU came away with a 9-6 victory, but that was hardly the end of the story. With playmakers on both sides of the ball for both teams, this is one game that should go down in history as a No-Holds Barred slugfest.

    While the game will be short on points, there’s no shortage of betting options on the BCS Bowl Championship game for Canadian sports betting enthusiasts. Every major sportsbook that offers action on US-sports will have available wagers on College Football’s Holy Grail and combining spread bets with totals or the huge selection of team-based props that are sure to be available can make the end of the NCAA Football season just the beginning of a profitable 2012.