Bet On Golf Online

The first recorded reference to a ball being hit with a club in order to get the sphere into a target hundreds of yards away was in Dutch records dating back to February of 1297. In 1360, golf was banned under pain of a 20 shilling fine or the confiscation of your overcoat. The modern game is attributed to the Scottish, who were the among the first to hold tournaments with codified rules. They also boast the oldest golf course in the world, Musselburgh Links.The sport has evolved significantly over the years, in particular over the last decade or so, as golfers have become more fit and science has improved clubs and balls for greater distance and accuracy.

Golf Betting Sites

There are tons of options for betting on golf as it's one of the most popular sports in the world. We've filtered through all of the top golf betting lines out and there and come up with a list of the following books that you should use:

Basics of Betting on Golf

One of the most popular types of bets that sportsbooks accept is predicting the outright winner of a PGA golf tournament. Although it may seem difficult to predict who will win any particular tournament, plenty of stats and trends are available for you to pour through to give yourself an edge when it comes to selecting a winner. Average distance of drives, fairway percentages, green percentages and putting percentages offer additional insight into whether a golfer's game is suited for a particular course. If the course features epic par fives that exceed five hundred yards, you're better off selecting a golfer who can blast long drives.

The good news is that the payouts tend to be decent when you select the outright winner because the odds reflect the difficulty of predicting the champ.

Other Types of Golf Bets

In addition to predicting the outright winners of tournaments, you can place bets on whether or not a particular golfer will manage to finish top 5 or top 10 in all four majors. You can place head-to-head bets to predict which duffer will finish with a better score over an 18-hole round. Other types of betting opportunities include wagering on the leader of the field after any particular round, who will and who won't make the cut. You could also bet on whether or not the ball will land on the fairway after a drive from the tee.

The sheer variety of wagering action that golf offers gives wagering aficionados and golf fans an exciting way to enjoy all the biggest tournaments in the world, including majors like The Masters and the British Open.