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Soccer or Association Football to most countries is the world’s most popular sport with countless leagues, competitions and tournaments that span the whole globe. The game is played by over 250 million players in over 200 nations. The objective of the game is to score by getting the ball into the opposing goal and this is done by using every part of the body except for the hands. There are many betting opportunities in regards to this “beautiful game” and this page will give you all the action, live and present.

Live Soccer Games Today

Here is a comprehensive widget with live soccer games ranging from all the major soccer leagues across the world. Bookmark this page and keep it locked here for all your betting needs.



Live Soccer Online Betting

The world’s most popular sport to watch is also the world’s most popular sport to bet on. Betting games via a straight bet on the money line before they start is all fair but sometimes in-game situations arise that may endanger your original bet or create a bigger opportunity to make a profit. Mastering the art of live betting is a different beast altogether but by using our widgets below and continuously keeping yourself updated with all the games, you can be successful.

    Betting live games is just like betting games before they start with some stark differences: depending on your sportsbook, you can only bet live games during certain periods of time primarily during a rest period, a period of inactivity and/or halftime. Sometimes the book freezes the live betting option meaning they are likely adjusting the lines or the game has made it to a point where you can no longer bet (maybe due to a team being too far ahead of the other). You’ll require more quick thinking to bet live.

    Our widget gives you a live look at current games with the scores. The start time is on the left with the present period right beside it. FT signifies “full time” (game is over) and HT, halftime (game is half finished). The bell symbol is for any news alerts affecting either team. You’ll likely need to be familiar with the “table” option on top of every table. This opens another window from What’s The Score that has comprehensive information on teams in the league including standings, home and away records, goals for and goals against and top scorers among many other things.

    Live betting is all about living the moment. Regular betting is already risky in itself but live betting is arguably riskier. Favourites who are doing well live will see their prices skyrocket to points they may not even be worth betting while underdogs could turn in a pretty penny. Sometimes favourites go down early in a game and their prices decrease a little bit. In order to have consistent success at live betting you’ll not only need your “cheat sheets” but also your intuition and risk management skills.