Ranking The CFL Stadiums

Though it lives under the shadow of the NFL for the most part, the CFL is its own self-sufficient and entertaining football league that most Canadians love. Since its inaugural season in 1958, the CFL has brought fast-paced beautiful football for Canadians and this can’t be more obvious than within the raucous confines of each of its nine stadiums in nine cities around the country.

CFL Stadiums Ranking

Many teams predate the CFL’s inception date and coupled with a rich history, the CFL is a different brand of football that is just as if not more exciting. We ranked the nine CFL stadiums on how well they integrate the different ingredients on what builds a successful stadium using these criteria. [+]

  • a) Fan support: they are essentially the bosses of the CFL and the passion they bring into the stadiums is what fills it with excitement.
  • b) Design (style): how well the stadium is designed from inside-out and considering how good seat views are.
  • c) History: how the past has given each stadium its own mystical feel.
  • d) Seating capacity: how many fans can fit comfortably.

Eastern Conference

  1. Percival Molson Memorial, Montreal
  2. BMO Field, Toronto
  3. TD Place Stadium, Ottawa
  4. Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton 

Western Conference

  1. Mosaic Stadium, Regina
  2. Investors Group Field, Winnipeg
  3. Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton
  4. BC Place, Vancouver
  5. McMahon Stadium, Calgary 

CFL Calendar

The CFL season begins the weekend before Canada Day in July 1st and ends sometime in early November. Each team plays 18 games over the span of 20 weeks. Each team plays three games against two teams from its division, and two games against the remaining six teams on a rotating basis. Each team gets two bye weeks except for one team that plays two games in one week and receives an extra bye. Because of the odd number of teams, there is likely to be a team on bye every single week.

CFL TV Schedule In Canada

The CFL is aired exclusively by TSN (RDS in French-Canadian) in all its networks including the CFL Playoffs and the Grey Cup. A full list can be found on the TSN website. For international coverage, ESPN2 and ESPN3 will primarily be airing the CFL. 

CFL Betting Sites Canada

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