Established in 1998, the Arizona Diamondbacks quickly became one of the better teams in the MLB, earning a post season spot one year later and a World Series title in their third year of existence. Originally called Bank One Ballpark, Chase Field is the only venue that the D-Backs have played in. The name of the stadium changed when Bank One merged with JPMorgan Chase.

Located in downtown Phoenix, this facility broke ground on November 16th, 1995 and was officially opened on March 31st, 1998. Similar to other stadium projects, $253 million of the $354 million required to build Chase Field was funded by the public purse, with cost overruns paid for by the team. Unlike other publicly funded projects, taxpayers didn’t get a chance to vote to determine whether the sales tax should be put into place. The uproar was so toxic that a government official was attacked and shot by a homeless resident, who was convicted of attempted first-degree murder.

On of the more unique features of Chase Field is the pool, which can be rented by private parties. Humorously, after the D-Backs asked the Dodgers not to celebrate on-field a victory that clinched the National League West Division, several players jumped over the wall and into the pool. 

Arizona Diamondbacks Stadium

Despite the fact that the 2015 MLB Park Factors stats show Chase Field in the bottom third of the rate of home runs produced, this venue is in the top third in the league for the number of runs produced. The rate of hits also ranks in the top third of all ball parks, while doubles and triple occur at a top five rate comparatively. The number of walks hovers near the exact average among all MLB facilities.

The Diamondbacks have fallen off the map after performing well during the first decade of the millennium, when they won five division titles and a World Series Championship between 1999 and 2011. Their 2014 home record of 33-48 was tied for last along with the Texas Rangers, and Arizona won only two more games at home than on the road. Their 2015 home record was slightly better, although their road record improved to one game under .500.

This was the first stadium in the United States to feature a retractable roof that housed a grass playing field underneath. The roof is closed and air conditioning is activated when the Arizona heat rises to become too uncomfortable for fans and ballplayers. Giant windows help natural sunlight filter into the stadium, helping to maintain the integrity of the grass.

Stadium Vitals

Date Opened: March 31, 1998

Construction Cost: $354 million

Architect: Ellerbe Becket; Wyatt/Rhodes; Castillo Company; Cox James

Ballpark Type: Retro Modern

Capacity Attendance: 48,519

Playing Surface: Bull's Eye Bermuda

Previous Arizona Diamondbacks Stadiums


Other Major Events

College Football

Chase Field used to host the Bowl, but was considered an awkward fit due to the lack of a net protecting the stands and the dugout that was located at the end zone on the southern portion of the field. 

College Baseball

Arizona State and the University of Arizona played against each other during the “Challenge at Chase”. The winner of both matches was the Arizona State Sun Devils, with the last game taking place in 2008.