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    Down the rabbit hole we go - the sports leagues you available for betting

    Never has something like this kind of a global pandemic ever threatened to wipe out all forms of organized sports and the sports betting that comes along with it. But thankfully, China is going to China and the Russians won't let something like a COVID-19 stop them from doing things. They're doing their part in keeping sports going. Oddsmakers quickly scooped up these sports. 

    Sports that are still happening:

    • Chinese Taipei SBL (Basketball)
    • Moscow Liga Pro (Table Tennis)
    • CPBL in Chinese Taipei (Baseball)
    • Happy Valley in Hong Kong (Horse Racing)
    • Volleyball in Russia, International

    Now you've got sports to bet on. Rock on!

    Betting on sports you didn't even know existed

    It's a bit different looking into basketball odds that doesn't have LeBron James or the Toronto Raptors all over it or even considering betting on table tennis or volleyball. And finally, Taiwanese baseball will get the attention it's never really asked for. All it took was a global crisis. 

    Chinese Taipei SBL

    The Super Basketball League couldn't have a more apt title. As of now, it's the premier pro basketball league in the world (semi-pro, but close enough). With teams that range from Banks to Beers to Dinos, it's a helluva league with its five teams. 

    Notable players include NBA lottery picks Patrick O'Bryant and Marcus Fizer. A Women's SBL also exists with four teams. You can find odds available in the big three: moneyline, team totals, and point spread with books like Bet365.

    Moscow Liga Pro

    Table tennis would be the top individual sport if more people knew it existed outside of a retirement home. The Moscow Liga Pro is also as dark and secretive as Batman. But watch some highlights on YouTube and the crazy highlight reels of guys bouncing around in furious rallies isn't far off.

    This is a fun sport and while you may need to dig for online streams, you can easily find it with top oddsmakers where you can bet straight-up through the money line.

    Chinese Professional Baseball League

    There must be something about odd-numbered sports leagues in Taiwan because, like its basketball counterpart, the CPBL only sports five teams. But its five teams you'll be able to bet on in sportsbooks.

    The CPBL was delayed a bit due to the Coronavirus, but the news is surfacing that it's on track to start the season and odds are now being offered in the usual norms: money line, point spread, and over/unders. 

    Happy Valley Horse Racing

    This wonderfully named event comes after the racecourse located on Hong Kong Island. Of course, the Kentucky Derby is not until September and there hasn't been much news of COVID-19 affecting horse racing (think about the horses though!)

    But with the lack of the usual suspects, the Happy Valley tracks (and other horse racing going on in high-profile cities and countries) are getting some shine with sportsbooks. You can bet on outrights - pick the winner of the race - much like you do in the actual casinos.

    If it's not Happy Valley, it's something else. Check your sportsbooks' horse racing sections for the latest selections.


    It's a wonder that volleyball isn't a bigger sport when it's one of the most popular in school and in Asia. It's mighty popular as a summer sport, for reasons we don't need to elaborate. But now it's getting more promo thanks to the Russian Ural league and various international amateur competitions. 

    There are games around Southeast Asia right now and if you're one of three people who follow the scene and know your way around odds, you could make some coin as the pick'em odds signify that oddsmakers don't know jack about them either. 

    Almost the same goes for Ural League and the women's league. Dig deep... dig very deep and you might find a nice angle. We're talking about betting, dude.

    The fun and the frivolous: more sports to bet on

    Outside of these big five sports going on right now, you'll find plenty of other action if you look through the top sportsbooks around. Having none of the major sports around is tough. But like how we're all finding new ways to distract ourselves, there's plenty of other sports you can mess around with.

    Here's a list of other sports that oddsmakers have opened odds for:

    • League Pro Moscow (Hockey 3x10 mins)
    • PDC Darts
    • Greyhounds
    • WWE pro wrestling

    Why you should still sign up with sportsbooks

    You might think there's little to no reason to bet on sports or to even sign up for books. But that would be a mistake. Firstly, now's a good time to start betting. Most of these sports, people don't care about, hence they'll have lines that can be exploited for their inaccuracy.

    You also won't have much pressure to win as a beginner. Just have fun, roll a few and beginner's luck might be on your side.

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