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    Best 2017 NFL Regular Season Team Props

    Best 2017 NFL Regular Season Team Props

    If you’ve ever bet on whether or not Russell Westbrook will get a triple double, you may a prop bet. If you’ve wagered on whether or not Sidney Crosby will get a hat trick, you’ve made a prop bet. Or how many putts Jordan Spieth will have on Sunday.

      This is where most of the fun lies in betting, so if you’re not making prop bets now, your whole world is about to open up in a big way. 

      NFL Prop Bets

      The NFL is the undisputed heavyweight champ of prop bets. That’s mainly because of:

      • The sheer popularity of the game
      • The size of the audience and bettors invested
      • The number of players that could factor in the game

      The number of statistics tracked in a football game, it’s also popular because of the insane number of stats the NFL keeps track of. They literally have a stat for how long the punt is in the air. Want to bet on it? You can.

      Individual Prop Bets in the NFL

      You can wager on the individual performance of a player over a game or even over a season! First, you can bet on a single game? Feel like Aaron Rodgers is going to have a massive night on Sunday? You can bet on the number of touchdown passes he throws that game. The line will look something like:

      How many touchdowns will Aaron Rodgers throw in the game?

      • Over 2.5
      • Under 2.5

      These Over/Under bets are the most popular in prop bets, because you can do so much with them. You think Rodgers will have a big game, so you would bet over, and would need him to throw 3 touchdowns or better to get your payday? Sound simple? That’s because it is.

      You can play the long game so to speak. In the pre-season, a site like Sports Interaction will offer prop bets on who’s going to do what during the season. So you can take part in such individual prop bets as:

      Most Receiving Yards - Regular Season

      1. Antonio Brown 4.80 
      2. Julio Jones 5.15 
      3. Odell Beckham 6.20 
      4. TY Hilton 13.00 
      5. Mike Evans 13.00 
      6. AJ Green 18.00 
      7. Amari Cooper 19.00 
      8. Dez Bryant 21.00 
      9. Jordy Nelson 26.00 
      10. Michael Thomas 28.00 
      11. Team Prop Bets in the NFL

      You can also have a lot of fun and make a lot of money with team prop bets.

      You may see something like:

      Who Will Score the first touchdown of the game

      Or, like individual prop bets, you can play the long game over an entire season. Something like:

      Specials - any team to finish regular season 16-0

      • Yes 13.00

      Specials - any team to finish regular season 0-16

      • Yes 15.00

      NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets

      Or you can go absolutely HAM on prop bets when it comes to the Super Bowl.

      Most of the major betting sites will let you bet on everything from how long the National Anthem will be, to what colour Beyonce’s dress will be.

      Some of the more off-the-wall bets in last year’s Super Bowl included:

      • Will any player on the Falcons or Patriots roster be seen kneeling during the national anthem on TV during the live broadcast?
      • How many times will “Trump” be said on TV during the broadcast?
        -Over/Under: 1½

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