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Eagles at Panthers NFL Online Betting

Eagles at Panthers NFL Online Betting
There is only one undefeated team left in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs have really exceeded my expectations to start the season, with a 5-0 record. That 5-0 does contain three road games, by the way. This weekend, they're at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. How will they fair? Will the Steelers halt the NFL's longest winning streak, or will the Chiefs extend to 6-0? Keep reading to find out.

Eagles at Panthers NFL Week 6

It’s not just the undefeated record that has impressed me with Kansas City. It’s the way the Chiefs are winning. We all know they started the season with the surprise ass kicking of the year on the road in New England against the Patriots. But they went on to beat the Philadelphia Eagles the following week, and the Eagles have not lost since. Then throw in a road win against the Chargers, a home win against the rock-solid Redskins, and putting up 42 points on the road against the Texans last weekend. I’m sorry Miss Jackson, they are for real.

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Prediction: The Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Interaction

I do not like how The Pittsburgh Steelers match up against these Kansas City Chiefs. Pittsburgh’s defense has been stifling so far this year, despite their average record. The Steelers are holding teams to 276.2 total yards, third best in the NFL. And they actually have the best passing defense, holding teams two 139.6 yards in the air, so far this season.

Meanwhile, Kansas City is second in the NFL in total offense so far this season, at 414.2, just behind New England’s 419.4. The key difference is that Kansas City is undefeated, of course. Kansas City is also second in the NFL in total rushing yards, at 156.2 per game.

Despite Pittsburgh’s strong defensive showing overall, they have given up the fifth most yards on the ground so far this season. And that defense is really going to be tested on Sunday.

Kareem Hunt has been an absolute beast so far this season, and an early candidate for MVP. He’s leading the NFL in rushing yards right now, by a lot with 609 yards. Nobody else in the NFL has even reached 500 yards yet. Leonard Fournette is second at 466. Hunt has rushed for four touchdowns on the season and has also caught two, both coming in that game against the Patriots.

Ultimately, I don’t think that the Steelers defense can’t stop him. By the way, let’s try to remember that this kid is only 22-years-old and a rookie. So far in his career (which, yes, we realize is only five games long) he’s only been held under 100 yards rushing ones, against the Eagles. He still punched two touchdowns in though. He’s young, he’s exciting, and crazy fun for Kansas City fans right now.

If Pittsburgh can’t stop the run, they’re gonna have to put their own points on the board to win the game. So far, their offense has been very middle-of-the-road on the season, ranking 19th overall, and scoring 19.8 points a game. Kansas City’s defense has also been pretty mediocre, as they rank 16th in the NFL and they are giving up 22.2 points a game.

This game will come down to Pittsburgh’s ability to score. I feel like this will be the best game of the weekend, but in the end, Kansas City is going to six and zero.

I feel like all of the long active streaks are going to continue this weekend. Kansas City is going to continue their winning streak. Cleveland will lose in Houston, to go 0-6 on the season, and the San Francisco 49ers will lose in Washington to also go to 0-6 on the season.

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