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    FIFA World Cup 2018 Favourites & Underdogs

    It’s been 30 years since Team Canada’s Red took the World Cup stage. And the official fork was put in them earlier this year in September. Call it unlucky, or unfortunate. We’ll have to keep waiting to see how a World Cup run would electrify this underrated-football-loving country. Until then, if you want to see Canada in the World Cup, you’ll have to see it on XboxOne. So let’s take a look at how the rest of the world is expected to fair.

    Who Will Win the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018?

    We are still a full year from the games in Russia. There is lots to be decided and lots of football to be played. But let’s take a look at how the hungry underdogs and the perennial powerhouses stack up so far.

    Canada: Nevermind

    Italy: Lol

    The United States: Moving on

    Russia (+3300): The host Nation really drew a best case scenario draw. They’re grouped with Uruguay (the group favorites), Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Not too shabby. However, this team is not exactly flushed with household names who are proven on the international stage. But, maybe that’s what makes this such a great underdog story?

    England (+1600): Is this the best underdog bet you can make at the World Cup this year? Probably. There is newfound optimism, but there is also a lot of newfound questions under a new regime for these Englishmen. They’ve looked promising in the qualifiers, but we’ll see what happens on the biggest stage in the world. 

    Belgium (+1100): More talented than England, but just as many questions. They went with a controversial manager decision in hiring Roberto Martinez, who was coming off a very rough season in Everton. Is he the missing piece that propels them to glory? Or the scapegoat that an entire nation points to.

    Portugal (+2800): Cristiano Ronaldo and company are not getting younger. This is their best chance and possible last real chance for some time to come.

    Germany (+450): The favoured team should not be any real shocker to any sports bettors. They’ve been huge on the international stage and have the deepest roster and pool to choose from. 

    Where Should I Place My FIFA World Cup Futures Bets?

    SIA is one of the industry’s best betting sites, particularly when it comes to football. If this is your first time betting, they have an amazing introductory offer. Right now, if you create a free account, you can get a 100% bonus on your first bet, up to $200.00. Just make your initial deposit and claim your bonus! They also have a number of fun betting options, such as:

    Soccer Point Spread Betting: The favorite must “cover the spread” by winning the match by more goals than the amount decided by the oddsmakers

    Soccer Moneyline Betting: A straight up bet on the outcome of the game, win or lose, with no consideration for goals scored or the margin of victory.

    Soccer Totals Betting: Also called the “over-under,” you’re wagering on the total number of goals that will score in the match by both teams.

    Soccer Parlay Betting: For the very ambitious, you’re betting on more than a match. You’re actually betting on a series of matches between 2-12. The payoffs are obviously big.

    Soccer Prop Betting: These are fun and often not tied to the actual outcome of the game. These bets can be about a team, or an individual’s performance.

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