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Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2019 Season

Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2019 Season
The 2019 Formula 1 season is here! Check out all the latest, including team and driver movement, plus all the odds from the drivers' and constructors' championships, race schedule and our top betting tips.

This year’s F1 Drivers’ Championship promises to be one of the most intriguing in a long while thanks to a number of big team movements. While defending champion Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are expected to top the standings as they have done recently, Vettel’s newest teammate Charles Leclerc is also highly fancied. Here are the Formula 1 Championship Odds.

2019 Drivers Championship Odds

It’s no surprise to see Lewis Hamilton headlining this season in terms of outright Drivers’ Championship odds. The Englishman has been unstoppable in recent years, wrestling favouritism from main rival Sebastian Vettel and becoming the one to beat in the F1 circuit. In 2018, Lewis Hamilton captured a whopping 11 pole positions out of a possible 21 and also managed the same number of race wins. He only missed four podiums over the entire season.

Hamilton is short-priced at this stage – the best we have seen leading up to the start of the season is around +120. Our tip is to bide your time on Hamilton if you’re looking at him as a safe futures bet. In the last three seasons the Englishman has only won once in the opening three races (so 1 in 9). This means that you’re more likely to get a decent price on him winning the Drivers’ Championship ahead of the fourth race (especially if Vettel or Leclerc start well).

Vettel is the number one threat to Hamilton’s reign according to the leading sportsbooks, although he has not shown his true capabilities behind the wheel for the last few seasons. At odds of around +180, there’s not too much value in a punt on the German at this stage of the year, especially considering the gulf between him and Hamiton in 2018.

Leclerc is highly rated on the F1 circuit and was rewarded with a ‘ticket to the big-time’ – the opportunity to make a name for himself with Ferrari. Now at the wheel of a car with a genuine chance of winning, big things are expected of the Polish driver. He starts at odds of around +500 to win the 2019 F1 championship – given the value and the fact that he is a new variable, it might not be a bad outsider bet and certainly better than putting money on Vettel.

It’s hard to see anyone outside the top three chances win the 2019 Championship, so don’t waste your money on the tempting odds on offer. While outsiders are always a factor in many sports, Formula 1 is all about precision, and that means that there is far less chance for one of the other drivers on the list to upset the favourites.

Will Hamilton repeat his performance from 2018? 

2019 Constructors Championship Odds

The leading sportsbooks are confident of another season of dominance by Mercedes, and it is hard to disagree considering the talent they have at their disposal, both on and off the track. Although 2018 saw a tight race between Ferrari and Mercedes, this was mainly down to a poor showing by Valtteri Bottas, who could only manage 8 podium appearances. Surely the Finnish driver will be better in 2019.

As for Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel really held them together last season, and teammate Kimi Raikkonen was only able to play a small cameo in a disappointing season for the Suderia. Raikkonen’s race has been run, and Charles Leclerc will now have the opportunity to give Ferrari a much-needed boost in 2019.

It really is a two-horse race this year, with many predicting that Red Bull will fall away after the change of engine provider (they’ve moved to Honda) and the loss of Daniel Ricciardo. Red Bull start at odds of around +800 to win the Constructors’ Championship, well off the pace considering they were second-favourite in 2018.

Realistically, you have a choice between Mercedes (-120) and Ferrari (+130). Don’t bother with the other manufacturers this year. 

Formula 1 Schedule

The Formula One calendar runs from March until the December 1st in 2019, boasting races across all corners of the globe. Formula 1 Montreal Grand Prix is on June 9th.

Australian Grand Prix

17th March


Hungarian Grand Prix

4th August

Bahrain Grand Prix

31st March


Belgian Grand Prix

1st September

Chinese Grand Prix

14th April


Italian Grand Prix

8th September

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

28th April


Singapore Grand Prix

22nd September

Spanish Grand Prix

12th May


Russian Grand Prix

29th September

Monaco Grand Prix

26th May


Japanese Grand Prix

13th October

Canadian Grand Prix

9th June


Mexican Grand Prix

27th October

French Grand Prix

23rd June


United States Grand Prix

3rd November 

Austrian Grand Prix

30th June


Brazilian Grand Prix

17th November

British Grand Prix

14th July


Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

1st December

German Grand Prix

28th July





Formula 1 Betting Tips

Online sports betting sites make it easier than ever to place a wager on Formula One racing. All 21 races have individual markets, starting with the Australian Grand Prix on March 17th.

Our number one tip for Formula One betting is to study hard. Certain drivers perform much better on particular tracks, and historical performance is normally a good indication. For example, Lewis Hamilton has won the Canadian GP more times than anyone else in the field, which makes sense as he performs well on tracks that long straights and high speed turns.

You should also be prepared to tune in to the whole weekend, not solely race day. A lot of valuable information can be obtained during the practice laps and qualifying rounds, particularly if the track conditions are sub-par due to weather. Likewise, you should not place a pre-race bet prior to confirming the gird positions of each driver – if the favourite crashes to tenth on the grid it’s going to be mighty hard for him to make up the ground and win the race.

Historical data applies to all drivers in the field, which means you should explore the possibility of betting on the lower-ranked teams. Leading online sportsbooks will allow you to place wagers on drivers who reach the podium, finish in the top six and even whether or not they claim competition points (top ten finish), so there are plenty of options and opportunities available.

Don’t forget that you can always choose combination bets in the event that the favourite’s odds to win a race are too low for a decent wager. An example is the perfect race bet which involves a driver qualifying in pole position, winning the race and recording the fastest lap. This is a reasonably rare feat and usually offers decent financial reward.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:


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