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It’s time for the March Madness 2019

It’s time for the March Madness 2019
Selection Sunday will be held on March 17th, 2019 and that's when all the fun and bracketology begins. However it's not to early to do a NCAA March Madness deep dive to have you ready to rock in 3 weeks times. And while we all love the Cinderella stories that inevitably come with this tournament, the real question we must all ask ourselves is 'To Duke or not to Duke?'

Selection Sunday will be held on March 17th, 2019 and that’s when all the fun and bracketology begins.

However it’s not too early to do a NCAA March Madness deep dive to have you ready to rock in 3 weeks times

When it comes to the most exciting few weeks of college athletics every season, March Madness games come at you fast and furious. Prior to the bracket games, there are several ‘play in’ games where teams will play an elimination game just to get into the bracket.

You can look at these like an hors d’oeuvres. And if you have the gumption to place an online wager on some of the lesser known entities in college basketball than I salute you. But this is a tournament that’s been dominated by the larger names.

March Madness Odds


Kansas, North Carolina, Villanova, Duke, Connecticut

Pitino, Wright, Williams, Krzyzewski, Calhoun

These are the big name names school and coaches that win this tournament every year. And if we believe what we are being told – that Duke’s young phenom Zion Williamson will play again once he recovers from his knee sprain, does Duke hold adequte value at +210?

My answer to this is an emphatic NO. You’ll be much better off backing other good programs such as Gonzaga +900, or Virginia +950.

The key factors over the next 3 weeks are to look at what other schools with March Madness pedigree are playing the best basketball heading into the tournament. Should Zion Williamson return from injury and look like his usual dominant self than Duke’s price will stay short, giving you the option of several big name programs at incredible value. 

Then of course, it comes down to Selection Sunday and who gets a favorable bracket. If there is such a thing…

List of teams and their respective odds provided by BODOG:

  • 1 Duke +210
  • 2. Tennessee +750
  • 3. Kentucky +800
  • 4. Michigan +850
  • 5. Gonzaga +900
  • 6. Virginia +950
  • 7. Michigan State +1100
  • 8. Kansas +1800
  • 9. Nevada +2200
  • 10. North Carolina +2500
  • 11. Marquette +4000
  • 12. Villanova +4500
  • 13. Purdue +5000
  • 13. Syracuse +5000
  • 15. Auburn +5500
  • 15. Texas Tech +5500
  • 17. Houston +6500
  • 17. Iowa State +6500
  • 19. Kansas State +7000
  • 20. Louisville +7500
  • 20. Virginia Tech +7500

All Odds provided by

March Madness Picks and Predictions

I’ve developed a less than scientific method on how to approach NCAA March Madness wagering; Underdogs early, favorites late.

Now hear me out. Usually somewhere before the Sweet 16, 99% of all brackets come crashing down. Why you ask? Because 3 or 4 schools few have ever heard of, come out of nowhere and pull off shocking outright victories over a big name school. 

Furthermore with the idea that known entities will generally carry public backing, underdogs with no pressure are usually getting 2 or 3 points more on every spread then what they probably should be and the betting public usually rides chalk…so UNDERDOGS EARLY is the way to go.

When it comes down to the Elite 8, thats when the cream will rise to top, and by that I mean the best coaches who get paid millions of dollars to win these tournaments. In a one and done format I want my money on the Coach K’s and Roy Williams’ of the world.

It’s like putting money in dependable like stock like Apple and Google (sorry, not you facebook)

How to watch March Madness 2019

Plan out your March Madness schedule so that for the first weekend you have nothing to do but veg on your couch. Stock up on supplies on Tuesday and Wednesday so that come that first Thursday afternoon you are locked in and ready to roll.


This is a sporting extravanganza worthy of all the hoop-la. The crowds are jam packed with the innocent cheer, and loud rah of tribal collegiate followings. The bands are playing, the announcers are screaming, the broadcast is jumping from game to game and even the commercials are well produced and worthy of attention.

Don’t get high, don’t get drunk. Keep all your senses peaked and your bracket(s) clearly visible on your fridge or living room table so that you can enjoy or agonize the buzzers beaters that decide so many fates. Select the best few dishes to accompany your March Madness viewing experience. Chicken Wings, Chili, fries, burgers, hot dogs. Pick your favorite few and do them well. Less is more, and I would opt for items that don’t require much cooking time and preperation. Quick and easy will suit you better during this fortnight.

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