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National Football Championship Winner Favourites & Underdogs

National Football Championship Winner Favourites & Underdogs
As the year winds down, our NFL's crystal ball is starting to defog itself and we’re starting to see the future. And we’re starting to think the Cleveland Browns are not the hot, young and up-and-coming playoff team of the future that was anticipated. However, there are still many questions yet to be answered before someone lifts the Vince Lombardi Trophy into the air. Here is a look at some of the favorites and underdogs to win the championship

According to Stephen A. Smith, the Eagles are not done, despite a real gut punch in losing their starting QB Carson Wentz. I am not sure I am on board with that assessment, and neither are the NFL bookmakers.

The Eagles’ stock has dropped and we’re now once again looking at a New England vs everyone scenario in the battle to win football’s most prestigious championship, the Super Bowl. So who do the oddsmakers like, and who’s a smart underdog pick this year?

Let’s take a look.

The New England Patriots +250 

Betting against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has just straight up been a bad idea for the last, I dunno, century. The Pats are simply put, a machine only built to do one function: Win. All they do is win… and annoy the rest of the football-loving universe with their incessant winning. Right now, The Patriots 398.5 total yards per game and 282.3 yards in the air lead the NFL. They can win it all if their defense blah blah blah, we say this every year. Hit skip until the end: The Patriots are the team most likely to win it all.

The Minnesota Vikings +375

Everything seems to have clicked for Mike Zimmer’s squad this year, in their most impressive regular season since he took the helm. They have already won the most regular season games since their 12 wins in 2009. The Vikings are giving up 280.9 total yards per game, for the best defense in the NFL right now. They have also taken full advantage of the Aaron Rodgers injury, and Green Bay’s misfortune.

The Pittsburgh Steelers +475 

I want you to think about something. The Steelers are only 5-2 on their own field… yet are tied for the lead in the AFC with a record of 12-3. They also currently lead the AFC North. Ben Roethlisberger is now 35, which is 2,331 in NFL QB years, and is straight-up refusing to age at this point. The D has been nothing short of awesome so far this year, and The Steelers are giving up 302.4 total yards per contest. They are a strong underdog pick to win it all.

The New Orleans Saints +900 

I am absolutely fascinated by this Saints team. You look at their losses this year, at home to the Patriots (2nd game of the season), The Rams (at home) The Falcons (at home)… This is another team that’s been nothing short of amazing on the road. The Saints are 7-1 at home this season, tied for the lead in the NFL. They are another rock solid pick to sneak their way into a national championship. They have another 30+-year-old quarterback in Drew Brees (35+, actually). Their offense is right there, as the Saints are scoring 28.3 points per game. They’re also only giving up 19.7.  

The Carolina Panthers +1800

Here’s your smartest longshot pick to win it all. The Panthers are my sleepers. I’m not going to overcomplicate this. They still have one the league’s most dangerous game-breakers in Cam Newton. If he is on, they are not a team you want to play in a single game playoff elimination situation. I don’t care who you are.

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