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NFL Wild Card: Buffalo Bills at Jaguars Online Betting

NFL Wild Card: Buffalo Bills at Jaguars Online Betting
It’s pretty safe to say the Bills Mafia is table-breakingly and sternum-crushingly excited about this playoff appearance. Meanwhile, they would love to have home-field advantage and force Jacksonville to play in the snow. But I’m sure they’re OK with the fact that they can walk outside without their face hurting this weekend. But will they hurt Jacksonville’s faces on Sunday? Keep reading for a preview of Sunday’s first game.
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If you’re 16-years-old, you can get your learner’s permit in Ontario, you like Snapchat, and you’ve never seen a Bills playoff game. The Bills snapped an agonizing 17-year playoff drought with a big win over the Dolphins in Week 17, with a lot of help from the Cincinnati Bengals. They could easily call it a season right now and declare a success. But they’re not done yet and want to give their nutter fanbase their first playoff win since they beat the Dolphins in (gah, I’m old) 1995.

Meanwhile, Jacksonville just narrowly escaped their own decade-long playoff drought, by going 9 seasons without making the playoffs. So, to be clear, we’re talking about two teams with a combined 26 years of playoff-missing between them. So, yeah, shits going to be intense and I’m excited.

I think Cinderella’s story is over. I just can’t see the Bills’ somewhat futile offense winning on the road in the playoffs. Buffalo lollygagged to 302.6 total yards per game this year, 4th worst in the NFL and easily the worst among playoff teams. They were also only 3-5 on the road this year, while Jacksonville was a solid 6-2 at home. Most oddsmakers agree and have the Bills losing by more than a touchdown. I would take the Jags to beat the spread, as I just can’t see this Bills team keeping up. If they win, you may or may not see a Disney movie about it in a few years… With Michael B. Jordan as Tyrod Taylor. Actually… that wouldn’t suck.

Prediction: The Jacksonville Jaguars (-8.5) at Sports Interaction

To say that Jacksonville has the better offense is a bit of an understatement. The Jags scored 26.1 per game and were 5th overall in the NFL. They also led the NFL in rushing yards, average rushing yards per game, and were 3rd in rushing touchdowns. The assault was led by Leonard Fournette’s 1,040 yards on the ground. He also tied for third for most rushing TD’s in the NFL with 9 taken to the house.

That’s a lot of pressure on the Bills’ D. And sadly, The Bills gave up 124.6 yards on the ground this year, 4th worst in the NFL. The also gave up an astounding 22 rushing touchdowns, which was easily the most in the NFL. You, uh, hear that, Leonard? 22 freakin’ rushing TDs! Try to contain your excitement.

The Bills also have the fewest road wins of any playoff team (we seem to be saying that a lot). Their only wins on the road came against the Dolphins (who finished 6-10) last weekend, against the Chiefs, and against the Falcons. So, they DID, beat two quality playoff teams on the road. But both games required massive defensive performances. They held the Chiefs to 10 points and the Falcons to 17. If they have any hope of beating Jacksonville this weekend, the final score needs to be in the teens.

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