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Stanley Cup 2012 NHL Championship Betting With Pro Line

Pro Line Offers NHL Playoff Betting On The Senators

Considering the Sens were picked to finish last in the league at the start of the season, their making the playoffs is bonus – no matter how things turn out. Ontario Pro Line players who back the Senators in the playoffs will get some pretty sweet odds. That’s because Ottawa will have to face the Beasts of the East as underdogs in each round – including the Eastern Conference Final, if they make it that far.

Chase For The Stanley Cup Features Familiar Favorites

When it comes to the chase for the Stanley Cup, the familiar faces are back at it again during the 2011-12 playoff edition. Last year’s finalist, the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks are back in the dance again, along with the Detroit Red Wings who are making their 21st consecutive playoff appearance. The Penguins, who recently got Sidney Crosby back in the lineup, have to be considered as favorites as well.

Regardless of who makes it to the playoff dance, the action on the ice – and at the betting windows, will be white hot. Pro Line, Point Spread, and Pro Picks from the OLG will cover all the action in Canada. However, for more refined NHL puck betting action, we suggest bettors should surf offshore to one of the highly rated online sportsbooks featured in the review section here at Online Betting Canada!

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