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Super Bowl 50 Sports Book Bonus and Prediction

Super Bowl 50 Sports Book Bonus and Prediction
The final countdown is on and we can’t wait to find out whether the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers are going to win Super Bowl 50. The Carolina Panthers have lofty expectations to live up to while the underdog Denver Broncos would love to knock the favorites off their high horse. Super Bowl 2016 is less than a week away and sports bettors across the nation are holding their breath in anticipation of the showcase event.

Best Sports Book Bonus To Bet On Super Bowl 50

Wondering what sportsbook has the best bonuses to Bet on Super Bowl 50? Our experts have you covered with detailed accounts of the best online sportsbook bonuses around. 

When it comes to Super Bowl 50, there are lots of juicy online sportsbook bonuses and offers to be had. Bovada offers a 50% sign up bonus and BetOnline offers a 25% bonus with a 6X rollover, while TopBet entices sports bettors with a 50% offer on deposits up to $250. But that’s not all. also offers a 50% sign up bonus so there’s no shortage of superb deals to take advantage of for all of your Super Bowl 50 sports betting needs. 

Sports Book Odds for Super Bowl 50

Make sure you’re up to date with the latest Super Bowl odds as we close in on Super Bowl 50, where the Carolina Panthers look to show everyone why they’re odds-on favorites.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 28 December
AOT Cincinnati Bengals 17 - 20 Denver Broncos +170 -200 Odds
Sunday 03 January
FT Pittsburgh Steelers 28 - 12 Cleveland Browns -714 +500 Odds
FT Jaguars 6 - 30 Houston Texans +200 -244 Odds
FT Tennessee Titans 24 - 30 Indianapolis Colts +185 -227 Odds
FT Baltimore Ravens 16 - 24 Cincinnati Bengals +325 -435 Odds
FT Detroit Lions 24 - 20 Chicago Bears -147 +125 Odds
FT Washington Redskins 34 - 23 Dallas Cowboys +150 -172 Odds
FT Philadelphia Eagles 35 - 30 New York Giants +165 -185 Odds
FT New York Jets 17 - 22 Buffalo Bills -161 +140 Odds
FT Patriots 10 - 20 Miami Dolphins -455 +350 Odds
FT New Orleans Saints 20 - 17 Atlanta Falcons +215 -263 Odds
FT Oakland Raiders 17 - 23 Kansas City Chiefs +250 -313 Odds
FT San Diego Chargers 20 - 27 Denver Broncos +375 -500 Odds
FT Seattle Seahawks 36 - 6 Arizona Cardinals +210 -250 Odds
FT Buccaneers 10 - 38 Carolina Panthers +350 -455 Odds
AOT St. Louis Rams 16 - 19 San Francisco 49ers -167 +145 Odds
FT Minnesota Vikings 20 - 13 Green Bay Packers +125 -147 Odds

When deciding what sportsbook you want to bet with for Super Bowl 50, it’s essential to know what odds each bookmaker provides. So here’s a quick rundown for you as of Tuesday, February 8.

TopBet and Bovada have Carolina as 6-point favorites while BetOnline and favor the Panthers by 5.5.

If moneyline is your thing, and BetOnline have the Panthers at -245, with the underdog Broncos coming in at +205. Meanwhile, Bovada has Carolina pegged at -220 and Denver sitting at +180. Finally, TopBet has the mighty Panthers at -255 with the Broncos at +215.

And in the over under, BetOnline and are sitting at 45 while Bovada and TopBet are on 45.5.

Interested in Super Bowl 50 prop bets?

Panthers vs. Broncos Super Bowl 50 Prediction

PANTHERS WILL WIN SUPER BOWL 50 BY 4 : Few people give the Broncos any chance of winning Super Bowl 50 and for pretty reason. The only way Denver has a chance of winning Super Bowl 2016 is if its NFL-best defense plays its best game of the year and the Payton Manning-led offense plays turnover-free football. The Broncos’ defense will need to keep Carolina’s high-powered offense at bay and under 30 points for a chance to upset Cam Newton’s Panthers.  

However, if you ask us, too many variables must fall into place for the Broncos to turn the tide. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will continue their sizzling form and win Super Bowl 50 by four, just failing to cover the spread.  

Super Bowl 50 has more storylines than a celebrity marriage. Payton Manning hopes to further cement his legendary status by winning the most unlikely of championships while his Carolina counterpart, superstar Cam Newton, looks to celebrate his first Super Bowl triumph. Carolina’s high-powered attack faces its toughest challenge of the year as it comes up against the NFL’s best defense at Levi’s Stadium.

Something has to give on Sunday and we can’t wait to find out who has what it takes to win one of the most highly anticipated Super Bowls of our generation.

Sports Interaction Super Bowl 50 Bonus

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