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    Super Bowl Betting: Most Valuable Prop Bets for 2018

    Super Bowl Betting: Most Valuable Prop Bets for 2018

    So what if you haven’t watched a single Patriots or Eagles game all year long. You can still make some good money on betting on the Super Bowl. This year, Sports Interaction is offering some really fun and fascinating bets on the pregame, the game itself, the halftime show and even the Gatorade dump to seal the game. Time to make you some money, and find the perfect prop bet for you.


    • Heads 1.95
    • Tails 1.95

    This is the most heated rivalry in all of sports. It’s been a very back and forth affair. Tails has beaten the odds the last 4 years in a row, with heads claiming the previous 5 years in a row. Heads is due and I think their time to seize the moment is now! Just kidding. Please don’t hold me to that. 

    Prediction: Heads (sure?) at Sports Interaction


    • Over (seconds) +120.0 1.83
    • Under (seconds) +120.0 1.83

    I love this one. P!NK is singing the national anthem this year. She’s an underrated vocalist, while I have no trouble seeing her making an exhibition of the event and dragging the song over the two-minute mark. She likes the spotlight and could easily take the opportunity to use this stage to make it all about her.

    Prediction: Under (seconds) +120.0 at Sports Interaction


    • Yes 4.75
    • No 1.15

    Again, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if she wants a bit more press and spotlight than your typical national anthem singer. But, I feel like the event organizers will have told her in no uncertain terms to NOT take a knee, as the NFL is working so hard to make these protests a thing of the past. But, P!NK could very easily nod politely when they say that, and just go ahead and do whatever the hell she wants anyways.

    She’s going to do something. If it’s not taking the knee, it will be a Times Up or Me Too shirt, pin, or something. I think taking the knee is the least likely though, so I’m betting against it.

    Prediction: No 1.15 at Sports Interaction


    • Yes 1.91
    • No 1.77

    JT does love to rock the hat and throw it away in the middle of a song for effect. It’s a classic move of his, popularized by Michael Jackson years ago. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that he does it. 

    Prediction: Yes at Sports Interaction


    • Cowboy Hat 1.25
    • Trucker / Baseball Hat 2.50
    • No Hat 4.00

    You can make a killing off of Super Bowl halftime show related headwear this year. I did a Google images search and cannot find a single picture of Chris wearing a baseball hat. Also, I think it would look stupid on him with that much hair. I’m saying cowboy hat is a near lock for this one.

    Prediction: Cowboy Hat 1.25


    • Lime / Green / Yellow 3.15
    • Water / Clear 5.00
    • Orange 3.95
    • Red 5.85
    • Blue 4.85
    • Purple 13.00

    Purple Gatorade is friggin delicious. It’s a shame it’s not being given enough respect by oddsmakers for the ceremonial Gatorade dump this year. Blue is gross and you can just dump it down the toilet, in my view. I’m following my heart on this one.

    Prediction: Purple 13.00 at Sports Interaction

    Ready to place your bets? Now is the perfect time to sign up for a free account at Sports Interaction. Right now, they have a great introductory offer where you can get a 100% bonus on your first bet up to $200.00. They’re also taking more traditional bets on the Super Bowl game, as well as lots of action on the NBA and NHL!

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