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Super Bowl Betting: Over/under Odds, Prediction for 2018

Super Bowl Betting: Over/under Odds, Prediction for 2018
Super Bowl Sunday is seriously Christmas morning for Canada’s sports bettors. There are dozens and dozens of bets you can make. So, with dozens of gifts, it’s actually a bit more like Christmas morning at a very rich family's house. I have no idea what that’s like. But, you will have a number of great ways to get in on the betting action, including the always popular Over/ Under.

If you’re new to the Over/Under format, it’s very simple. You’re not betting on the outcome of the game, in terms of win or lose. You’re betting on the cumulative points that both teams will combine to score in the game, regardless of who wins or loses. Let’s say, the Over/ Under on the Super Bowl is 35. If you don’t think both teams can combine for 35, you will bet Under. If you think they will score more, you can bet Over.

Keep in mind, in the example above, it doesn’t matter if one team scores 36 points by themselves. That’s still Over. So if the Over-Under for the Patriots and Eagles was set to 40, and you bet Over because you think New England is going to throttle them 42-0, but the final score is 21-20, you still win because they combined for more points than the 40. 

Got it? Good. Ok, let’s stop dealing in hypotheticals and talk about the actual game

Super Bowl 52 Over Under Odds (+48.5) at 1.19

We’ve got a fascinating matchup in Super Bowl 52 (again, I don’t do Roman numerals or acknowledge they’re a real thing. In setting the Over/Under, oddsmakers will determine the most likely even point for the total points scored.

That means they’ll assess the Patriots ability to score on the Eagles and their ability to defend the Eagles, and vice versa. That being said, I feel like the Over/Under mark of 48.5 is a tad high, so I’m betting the under. I think the final score will be in the area of 26-9, for the Patriots. So I’m betting Under all the way this year.

Prediction: Bet Under at Sports Interaction

How did I arrive at that score? I asked 4 simple questions:

Can The Patriots score on the Eagles? Yep, and double yep. The Kings of Big games are going against a D with not a lot of Big Game experience. Also, the Pats are averaging 29.5 points per game in the playoffs thus far, even better than the regular season.

Can the Patriots defend the Eagles? Again, I feel good about the league’s most underrated D going against Philly’s offense. The Eagles are averaging 26.5 points per game in the playoffs, which seems to be a great number. But that’s a polar range between a 15-point struggle against the Falcons and a 38point ass-kicking of the Vikings. Far from consistent.

Can the Eagles Score on the Patriots? Probably not. Again, I don’t want to overplay the experience card here, but Nick Foles is playing in his first Super Bowl game, going against a very proven and experienced defensive unit, in front of a Minnesota crowd that hates his guts for beating the Vikings two weeks ago. He’s going to need a lot of help from his defense and special teams to get points on the board.

Can the Eagles defend The Patriots? At best, they can contain them. They can’t stop them. Especially as the game reaches the late stages. Brady reminded us last week he has absolutely no fear going into the 4th quarter down double digits. In fact, Philly’s defense should be far more nervous going into the 4th with a slight lead. They will be more worried about keeping it than Brady will be overcoming it.

Of course, because it’s the Super Bowl, Sports Interaction is offering a whole plate full of Over/Under bets. You can choose the Over/Under on the first half. Or you can even choose your own Over/Under number and they will give you the odds to reflect it.

And if this is your first time betting, you can get a 100% bonus on your first bet up to $200.00. It’s easy. Just sign up for a free account, make your secure initial deposit, and start winning!

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