The NBA's 10 Worst Broadcast Teams

As the majority of games are broadcasted regionally with announcers that specifically work for the team, fans are treated to – or punished by – the same broadcasting team for almost every game – excluding nationally televised games. Some broadcasting teams are historic and swoon tales of past glory and ooze in knowledge of the game. Others have perfect chemistry willfully playing off each other’s quips and remarks. Some, though, are just plain awful. Here are the worst broadcast teams in the NBA. 

Bad NBA Broadcasters 

Bad Broadcasters And Big Basketball Betting 

The NBA is getting richer every year through lucrative broadcast deals. Record-setting contracts are being handed out to average players and almost ever franchise is worth over one billions dollars. As the league’s worldwide exposure increases, more and more information and analysis are floating around helping bettors become better versed and in the sport and helping bookmakers adjust lines and spreads in live time. A team’s broadcasting duo/trio does not impact betting lines in any way, shape or form. Most fans and bettors will simply not watch the game – but may still bet on it.

Many of the teams with bad broadcasters are within the top-10 for NBA Finals odds in 2017. After the first two weeks of the season – the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers – are the best team in their respective conferences. Both teams entered 2016 as top-5 favourites to win the NBA Championship, and through the early part of the season, nothing has changed. Revisiting NBA Finals odds is best to be done around Christmas, at the trade deadline and when the season ends. 


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