Top 10 NBA References In Hip-Hop

NBA players love hip-hop and rappers love the NBA. It’s a symbiotic connection in a sense as the predominantly black demographic of both share similar roots. From the Notorious B.I.G. to Jay-Z to Drake, rappers give shout-outs to the NBA every chance they get. But not all rap verses were made equal and some stood out as not only being witty or impactful but also revealing especially if they were based on true events. Here are ten of the greatest hip-hop references to the NBA.

Most Memorable Hip-Hop Lyrics About The NBA

The NBA and Hip-Hop Culture

Around the seventies, the NBA began being dominated by black players and in its current form is comprised mainly of black players. Plenty of these players grew up in an environment many rappers shared. In a sense, NBA players are like the hip-hop artists of the sports world contrasting their slick basketball skills with the lyrical poetry of rappers. But at the end of it all, both rappers and NBA players want to be the best. And every season, a team gets to prove they’re the bets by hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

LeBron James was the king of the NBA world last season as he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first ever NBA championship. The runner-ups, the Golden State Warriors retooled by acquiring former MVP Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder and the rest of the league followed suit by upgrading their lineups as well. As the season starts, there is plenty of opportunity get betting on the NBA with our trusted bookmakers.

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