Top 10 Most Expensive MLS Seats

When the MLS first began play in 1996, nobody would have predicted that the league would end up charging more for tickets on average than most of the top European leagues. In the span of two decades, the MLS has grown into the 12th best soccer league in the world, with tickets that are on average more expensive than admission to the Bundesliga and Ligue 1. The EPL, La Liga, Swiss Super League and Serie A are the only associations with tickets that are more expensive.

Top 10 Ticket Prices For The MLS

The following ten teams have the highest average secondary market value, reflecting the willingness of MLS fans to shell out the dough.

The Rising Price Of MLS Seats Bodes Well

When the MLS altered salary cap rules to allow teams to throw money at stars overseas, the league started to draw more attention internationally and domestically. All soccer fans took note, increasing popularity and viewership to the point where Major League Soccer has recently signed TV deals all over the globe.

Studies suggest that the price fans pay don’t line up in terms of the quality of play, but that misses the point. The reason why MLS ticket prices have increased over the years is because of demand for an entertaining sports product. A recent expansion into New York has brought the Yankees empire into the MLS, who have paid big cash for stars like David Villa to shine their light on Yankee Stadium, just like ownership pays up for the biggest baseball stars. Expect prices to continue to rise as MLS popularity grows.

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