Top 10 Most Valuable NBA Teams In 2016

Basketball is a popular global sport and the NBA is one of the most watched around the world. Whether in Asia, Europe or even Africa, the NBA is a recognized product and several of its teams may even be more popular than the league. The sport has grown significantly since the new millennium with nearly half of its franchises being worth over a billion dollars. Prominent American business website, Forbes returns with their list of the NBA’s ten most valuable teams as of 2016.

NBA Teams Worth The Most According To Forbes

Other Billion-Dollar NBA Teams

Honourable Mentions: it says a lot how the NBA has grown when billion-dollar franchises couldn’t make the top ten. Just falling short of making the list are the San Antonio Spurs valued at $1.15 billion with a $170 million profit, the Cleveland Cavaliers at $1.1 billion with a $191 million profit and the Phoenix Suns at $1 billion with revenue of $154 million. The Spurs have been the NBA’s model of excellence for over 25 seasons while the Cavs are the defending champions and the Suns are arguably the best franchise to not win an NBA title.

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