Alberta Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

The rich province of Alberta owes that adjective to a multitude of things: from their globally-renowned tourist destinations like the breathtaking view of the Banff to being a primary supplier of petrochemicals and beef to being the home of several championship caliber teams. The NHL’s Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers ruled the 1980s while the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos continue to dominate this decade. The strong but carefree folk of Calgary have had plenty of quality teams to bet on.

Alberta Online Sports Betting

For a time, Albertans were the cream of the crop among Canadians when it came to making money and spending it. They work hard so they can play hard. However, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has watered down their betting options offering inferior betting platforms that ask for a lot and offer little in return. Betting is supposed to be fun and profitable but that isn’t the case here. Fortunately, trusted spoortsbooks listed here offer a smarter alternative for Albertans.

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    Lotteries in Alberta

    Simply put: Albertans love to gamble leading to the creation of 24 casinos spread across 13 municipalities as of 2016. There is a sports betting lottery kiosk somewhere in the Grey Eagle Casino (controlled by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (ALGC).

    But the payouts are a not up-to-par. Alberta racetracks include the Century Downs in Calgary and Sports Select Pro-Line is still a popular sports betting avenue. Like everyone else in the Prairies, Albertans bet under the conditions of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC). This means players heavily rely on the Pro-Line to get their sports betting action but in comparison to online sportsbooks, the Pro-Line system is outdated. The lines and payouts are considerably inferior and players have to navigate through a bogus three-wager model with TIE odds.

    Pro-Line vs Online Sportsbooks

    Betting is risky but fun and online sportsbooks, in comparison to the Pro-Line, reduce risks and increase rewards. While it is thrilling to win the rare Pro-Line ticket, here are just some benefits betting with our sportsbooks:

    • Great online platform that is not restricted by location
    • Players can log-in and bet even if outside the province
    • Not limited to a three-wager betting system; single game bets are welcome
    • Best sports betting odds with plenty of betting options (money line, spread, futures, props)
    • Live betting is available and easily accessible

    The Alternative To The Alberta Sports Lottery

    The people of Calgary love a good celebration. Alberta is after all home to the world-famous Stampede, the planet’s rowdiest ten-day party. And next to Ontario, Alberta has the most sports action going on even outside their beloved NHL teams: the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers.

    Games from Lacrosse (NLL), major junior ice hockey (WHL) and prospect baseball (WMBL) take place throughout the year and this isn’t even counting the CFL yet. The top sportsbooks like SIA are available for Albertans to get the most of their favorite sports. With SportsInteraction and other great sportsbooks, Albertans get the best value for their hard-earned dollar. Single game bets are available either with the money line or point spread and better yet, some books offer customization so shrewd bettors can tailor a bet to their confidence levels.

    A signup bonus of up to $200 is available for new players. It is a refreshing alternative for those frustrated by all the restrictions the WCLC have and no longer should Alberta sports fans jump through hoops to wage on their local teams.