The legalization of these types of games have filled the coffers of the government for decades, partially because of how difficult it is to make any profit whatsoever from these types of contests. If provincial and federal departments didn’t make any profit from these activities, they wouldn’t bother implementing them on a large scale. When you consider the odds that you receive for wagering through sportsbooks, [+]

betting through federally-approved games tend to offer terrible payouts and limited options. In addition to more profitable gaming, sportsbooks also offer bonuses that government lotteries aren’t able to provide.


Lotteries In Canada

There are dozens of governments sanctioned games that people can play throughout Canada, ranging from casino games to simple scratch tickets. The largest organizations tend to offer bigger payouts and the ability to bet on some sports leagues.

Interprovincial Lottery

When Ontario finally joined the other Canadian provinces in the establishment of a lottery and gaming corporation, the decision was made to create an organization that would be able to coordinate national contests. The result was the establishment of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation in 1976. Currently, the ILC runs out of Toronto, Ontario, supported by just over a dozen coordinating employees.

Atlantic Lottery

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation was founded in 1976 in Moncton, New Brunswick. A total of four provincial governments, including Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, have become co-owners, with all the profits and revenues shared among the member provinces. Despite representing a relatively small portion of the Canadian population, the ALC have been innovators in gaming.

British Columbia Lottery

On the western shores of Canada, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation runs all of the gambling and lottery that goes in in the province, including sports betting, money games, federal and provincial lotteries. In addition to facilitating these types of activities in corner stores, gas stations and casinos, they created Canada’s “first” online betting site, launched nearly a decade after the original groups of popular online sportsbooks.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming

The Ontario Lottery Corporation started out in 1975, eventually merging with the Ontario Casino Corporation to become the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in the year 2000. Taking in nearly seven billion dollars a year, the OLG employs more than 17,000 people and serves Ontario, the largest province in Canada with a population of more than 13 million. This makes it the largest provincial gambling body in Canada.


The creation of Loto-Québec was a direct result of the federal government deciding to legalize “the Irish Sweepstakes”. This was the first of the provincial crown corporations created for gambling and gaming, enabling Canadians to play the lottery, and eventually other types of wagering entertainment, within a legal framework generating tax dollars for public funding projects.

Western Canada Lottery

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation was created in 1974, just under a decade after the federal government started to allow this type of betting activity after a long period of sweepstakes prohibition. Three provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, are members of this non-profit coalition, as are the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut governments.

Sports betting options are relatively scarce within the Canadian lottery system. The most notable and popular sports wagering tends to take place over the national “Pro-Line” sports lottery, which imitates the function of a sportsbook. However, a vote that took place in 2016 continues the restrictions of betting on sports, forcing betting fans to have to deal with a system that stacks the odds against them. Sports betting is only allowed when you wager on at least three games, because single match betting is illegal, which makes it much more difficult to win.

Online Betting vs Canadian Lotteries

    The restrictions placed by Canadian lotteries for sports betting are not present whatsoever when you log onto a sportsbook service. You’ll be able to bet on one game at a time or a bunch if you please, giving you the choice of going for a big splash or following a steady strategy of carefully picking winning wagers. You’ll be able to wager on all the most popular sports leagues around the world, allowing you to add a bit of excitement when watching your favourite teams and players.

    Since the government enforces rules that make it much more difficult to profit from betting on sports, the main draw of online sportsbooks are the superior odds and variety of wagers that you may place. Instead of being forced to bet on at least three games, you can play a hunch on a single matchup. Canada lotteries give sports odds that are calculated to benefit the government, and sportsbooks follow the trends of betting pools, so you’ll be playing moneylines that reflect the actual opinions of fellow wagering fans around the world.

    Top notch sportsbooks also provide the ability to wager on prop bets such as over/unders, first team to score and other types of propositions. You’ll be able to bet on the results of an entire series, as well as sports leagues around the world.