Ontario Lottery and Gaming Online Betting

The Ontario Lottery Corporation started out in 1975, eventually merging with the Ontario Casino Corporation to become the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in the year 2000. Taking in nearly seven billion dollars a year, the OLG employs more than 17,000 people and serves Ontario, the largest province in Canada with a population of more than 13 million. This makes it the largest provincial gambling body in Canada by far, bigger than the Western Canada Lottery. [+]

The OLG has also been investigated recently by national news stations due to problems with retailer fraud, which suggests that in the past, the organization wasn’t being run as well as online sportsbooks and gambling sites which the OLG is attempting to replace. Similar to other provincial and federal gambling groups, Ontario lottery and gaming online betting leaves a lot to be desired compared to well-established sportsbooks who have been around since the start of this internet industry.

OLG Online Betting Alternatives

Fortunately, Canadian fans of sports wagering can rely on a bunch of alternatives that provide them with access to the same betting options that the rest of the world enjoys. Reputable sportsbooks have been operating online for decades, providing a smooth, entertaining gaming experience for millions of gambling fans. Check these sites to see which one works best for you, including promotions such as deposit bonuses and betting rebates.

    OLG Review

    The OLG has been in business for quite a while, controlling all gambling activities within Ontario, including lotteries, casinos, horse racing, sports betting, tickets and other types of gambling. In terms of sports, their most popular product tends to be Pro-Line. While recent controversy has improved the transparency of the organization, the OLG has a very long way to go when it comes to matching the entertainment value of online sports wagering.

    OLG Games And Products: Lottario is the provincial version of national lotteries such as Lotto 649 and Lotto Max. There’s also a variety of high-end casinos that the OLG runs, such as Fallsview Casino and Casino Rama. Smaller but still popular are scratch tickets and games such as Instant Keno and the occasional special lottery event. For those who wish to bet on sports, Pro-Line is the most popular way that Ontarians wager on sports, even if federal laws restrict the traditional methods of wagering on sports.

    OLG Odds: Playing the numbers game always carries terrible odds of winning the big prize, often well in excess of a millions to one chance. You have a better chance of winning a smaller prize through casinos, lotteries, scratch tickets and other products offered by the OLG. The odds that you get for betting on sports through OLG-sanctioned betting products never match the odds you get from regular sportsbooks, making it more difficult to earn a profit when wagering on Pro-Line and other games.

    OLG Sports Betting: Pro-Line betting is available in hundreds of thousands of locations across the province of Ontario, which makes it one of the most popular services across the country. Unfortunately, because of Canadian federal laws that prohibit placing a wager on single events, betting fans are forced to predict the outcome of multiple games or factors at once, which makes it much more difficult to win. The range of sports events are also limited compared to online sportsbooks.