Western Canada Lottery Online Betting

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation was created in 1974, just under a decade after the federal government started to allow this type of betting activity after a long period of sweepstakes prohibition. Three provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, are members of this non-profit coalition, as are the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut governments. As a result, this body governs gambling activities across the largest area of land in North America. [+]

Similar to other provincial lottery groups, the WCLC works through the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation to run national lotteries such as Lotto 6/49. The WCLC also helps to take care of provincial lotteries, scratch tickets, casinos and all other forms of gaming within the region. Western Canada Lottery online betting also includes wagering on some sports, but tends to be limited by federal laws which prohibits traditional wagering for reasons that are difficult to discern.

Western Canada Lottery Online Betting Alternatives

Before the federal and provincial government learned of the popularity of online wagering, multiple sportsbooks provided solid services and superior odds that allow players to engage in an enjoyable variety of sports betting. If you’re looking to find an alternative to government gambling websites, check this list to find a reputable sportsbook to partner with.

    Western Canada Lottery Corporation Review

    Like all federal and provincial lottery organizations, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation is meant to control all gambling activities within its jurisdiction. The idea is to facilitate the more entertaining aspects of gambling and collect tax dollars while preventing problem gambling. Unfortunately, especially compared to online bookmakers, laws put in place end up stifling players, making it more difficult to win while restricting the variety of sports available for wagering.

    Western Canada Games And Products: National lotteries like Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 are facilitated by the WCLC within their borders. Provincial versions of these games include Western Max and Western 6/49. There’s also a large variety of scratch tickets and alternative lottery games available. In terms of sports betting, Sport Select is the WCLC version of “Pro-Line”, which is forced to operate within specific laws that prevent the service from offering odds for single events. A variety of casinos are also operated by the WCLC, providing card games, slots and other popular forms of gambling.

    Western Canada Lottery Odds: As you may expect, lotteries tend to have terrible odds in terms of winning the big prize, although they do offer a variety of smaller cash winnings to boost the odds of coming away with a bit of profit. In terms of scratch tickets, the odds of winning depend on the number of prizes still available to win through each print run. For the most part, lottery organizations run by the government are interested more in generating revenue, which results in odds that are worse than you would find in sportsbooks.

    Sports Select Sports Betting: The Canadian federal government still has a law on their books that prevent players from wagering on single event games. This means that you can’t bet on a single game for Pro-Line betting. Instead, you’re forced to predict the outcome of multiple games or events when placing a wager. As a result, compared to sportsbooks, it’s much more difficult to win. The odds that you receive will never reflect the difficulty of the wager you placed, because they’re not linked to any specific betting pool. Also, you’re not able to bet on the same variety of sports and wagering types through Pro-Line.