British Columbia Lottery Online Betting

On the western shores of Canada, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation runs all of the gambling and lottery that goes in in the province, including sports betting, money games, federal and provincial lotteries. In addition to facilitating these types of activities in corner stores, gas stations and casinos, they created Canada’s “first” online betting site, launched nearly a decade after the original groups of popular online sportsbooks and gambling sites. [+]

While the website does provide sports fans with a legitimate method of playing a variety of action, the British Columbia lottery online betting system is set up to accumulate money mostly for the provincial government. As such, this government-run crown corporation don’t compete to create best possible wagering experience for sports betting, especially when you consider the terrible odds that are provided, part of which may be blamed on legislation that prevents betting on single-event wagers. 

BCLC Online Betting Alternatives

There are a variety of fantastic betting alternatives for those who don’t wish to be subject to the BCLC style of wagering. This list of sites includes some of the most trusted sportsbooks in the world. Enjoy better odds and a greater variety of options when gaming through these sportsbooks.

    British Columbia Lottery Review

    Designed to increase revenue for government agencies, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has created a set of gambling games and products that are designed to meet the specifications of stringent laws. Overall, the mission of the BCLC focuses on facilitating gambling in a socially responsible manner, with a focus on benefitting the residents of British Columbia. While there’s no doubt that they’re attempting to accomplish this mission, the way that they implement sports gambling in particular leads to frustrated gamers who struggle with inferior odds and archaic gambling laws that restrict their entertainment.

    Bristh Columbia Lottery Games And Products: In addition to helping run national lotteries, such as Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49, along with other provincial lottery entities, the BCLC also run provincial games like BC/49, Keno, Scratch and Win, Poker Lotto and a wide variety of other betting products. The BCLC is also responsible for casinos throughout their territory, which includes card games, machines, bingo and other gambling games in dozens of locations across the lower mainland and beyond.

    British Columbia Lottery Odds: The odds that you receive from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation vary widely according to the game that you’re playing. Big lotteries, such as Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max, typically have astronomical odds of winning the big prize, although they do have a variety of smaller prizes to entice those who enjoy playing the numbers. Since single event wagers are banned, the odds that you receive through sports wagering through the BCLC are typically much worse than you’ll find with a reputable private sportsbook.

    Play-Now Sports Betting: One of the most advertised methods of betting on sports in Canada tends to be Pro-Line style games. In British Columbia, this takes the form of Sports Action on the Play Now service, which operates under the single event betting law, preventing fans of wagering from applying their betting strategy of choice. Typically, you’ll be forced to bet on a limited set of games available for a week, and you need to pick at least three winning wager in order to be able to collect a prize. This makes it extremely difficult to earn a profit, as it’s far more difficult to correctly predict three games than it is a single matchup. Put simply, the odds that you get betting through Pro-Line will never result in the reward you would earn if you bet on the same teams through a sportsbook.