Loto-Quebec Online Betting

The creation of Loto-Québec was a direct result of the federal government deciding to legalize what was once called “the Irish Sweepstakes”. This was the first of the provincial crown corporations created for gambling and gaming, enabling Canadians to play the lottery, and eventually other types of wagering entertainment, within a legal framework that helps to generate tax dollars for public funding projects. [+]

Loto-Québec has been in operation since 1969, starting specifically with lotteries, before diversifying into other pursuits. Currently, this organization creates around half-a-billion worth of profit for the province of Québec, in addition to the creation of more than 5,000 jobs. While this does help to facilitate the enjoyment of gambling entertainment and stimulate the economy, those who are fans of betting on sports are usually better off with private sportsbooks which are focused on providing the best possible gaming experience and competitive odds. 

Loto-Quebec Online Betting Alternatives

When you want to move away from Loto-Québec’s monopoly on gaming in the province, you’ll be able to find a great betting alternative through one of the sportsbooks listed in section of the website. These sites have honed their services over the years, leading to a flawless gaming experience. Since sportsbooks have to compete to gain business from sports wagering fans, you’ll likely find odds that are superior to Canada’s lottery corporations, including Loto-Québec games.

    Loto-Quebec Review

    While Loto-Québec may not feature the history of innovation that the Atlantic Lottery Corporation boasts, the Quebecois version is the originator, which means that they have the most experience implementing gaming and gambling within their province. Casinos in Québec are some of the most enjoyable in Canada, and the other gaming products offered have the same features as other lotteries and gambling opportunities throughout the country. The main weakness of this organization revolves around sports wagering, which Loto-Québec implements according to restrictive Canadian gambling laws.

    Loto-Quebec Games And Products: Similar to most crown corporations focused on gambling, the main draws for customers in Québec tends to be the plethora of lottery and scratch tickets available throughout the province. There are also a variety of gaming halls that enable video terminal gambling and lotteries. In terms of sports betting, the province runs a service similar to Pro-Line, referred to as Mise-o-jeu, which allows a limited range of wagering.

    Loto-Quebec Odds: The reason that Loto-Québec has successfully raised billions of dollars over the years has to do with the fact that their mandate focuses on creating profit for the province of Québec. Since, for all intensive purposes, Loto-Québec is a monopoly, there’s no incentive for the organization to go out of its way to provide great value for players. As a result, most of the games that you play tend to have long odds of winning. Compared to sportsbooks, the odds you get for wagering on matches tends to be worse that the moneylines you get through sportsbooks.

    Mise-O-Jeu Sports Betting: Since Canadians have little choice other than Pro-Line style betting, sports wagering fans in Québec and throughout the country tend to seek out sportsbooks to unlock better odds and a greater variety of games to bet on. One of the most frustrating restrictions that Canadian bettors face within their borders is the law that restricts single event betting, requiring that bets are placed on multiple games or the prediction of multiple occurrences. This makes gambling through Pro-Line services much more difficult that online sportsbooks.