British Columbia Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

Splendor sine occasu or “splendour without diminishment.” British Columbia has a fitting motto as Canada’s most scenic province blessed with amazing mountains for Winter sports, beautiful beaches for summer fun, and a mild climate to enjoy it all. BC is also home to close to five million residents making it the third-most populous province in the country. The sports betting scene is also ripe with the province’s most popular sports teams from the Vancouver Canucks (NHL) to the Whitecaps (MLS) and BC Lions (CFL).

British Columbia Online Sports Betting

The denizens of BC have to be the envy of most Canadians. Not only do they enjoy the best scenery and weather but they also have one of the best online websites, PlayNow. Unfortunately, while it is a lot better than what other provinces like the Prairies or Ontario get, it’s still limited and inferior compared to the top-ranked bookmakers below.

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    Lotteries in British Columbia

    Sports betting in British Columbia offers players some of the most progressive gambling ways in the country. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) lists over 42 license gambling establishments (as of 2016) that are spread out over five areas in the province.

    Hasting Racecourse and Edgewater Casino are rated two of the best spots for any gambling fan with the latter located just south of the Rogers Arena and BC Place. Beyond the horror stories of the Pro-Line in the Prairies and Ontario, sports fans and gamblers in BC are blessed with the best online gambling platform, the BCLC PlayNow. The site functions almost like a real online wagering site even offering bonus offers and player rewards for loyalty. PlayNow is the best among Canadian betting platforms although it still has some limitations that can’t compete with our top sportsbooks.

    PlayNow vs Online Sportsbooks

    The BCLC PlayNow should be applauded and promoted more. If online gambling is going to be more prevalent in Canada, it’s a good example. With that said, our top bookmakers still offer more:

    • Not restricted to forced three-leg parlay bets with TIES; single game bets are welcome
    • Bet anytime and anywhere: not limited to your geo-location and perfect for traveling
    • Best betting prices with a variety of options (money line, point spread, totals, futures…)
    • Live betting events

    The Alternative To The British Columbia Sports Lottery

    Although BC bettors don’t have to put up with the overly regulated betting schemes in Ontario and Western Canada, they still have to deal with the BCLC’s restrictions. PlayNow is arguably the best sports betting engine in the country but still handicaps players by forcing them to bet parlays and locking them out if they are outside the province. Fans traveling with their Vancouver Canucks or catching a Toronto Blue Jays game down in Seattle are out of luck.

    Until they discover the wonders of online sportsbooks like SportsInteraction. Like other top-rated books, SportsInteraction lets players log in to their accounts wherever and whenever. They offer live betting action on top of letting players bet single games.

    Goodbye to forced parlay bets! Betting will be fun and rewarding again. To sweeten the deal, there is a signup bonus of up to $200 in cash for new players. The customer service is friendly and smoothens out any issues or questions prospecting players have. And last but not least, the wealth of betting options – even beyond BC teams – is to die for.