Northwest Territories Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

The Northwest Territories is Canada’s most populous territory in Northern Canada with an estimated population of just under 45,000. Its biggest city is Yellowknife with a population just over 20,000. It joined the Canadian Confederation in 1870 but the current borders didn’t form until 1999 when the territory was subdivided to create Nunavut to the east. Due to its small population, barely any sporting events take place here. Mining, forestry, and fishing are the primary industries although the locals do enjoy some gambling on the side.

Northwest Territories Online Sports Betting

It gets mighty cold up in the NWT. It borders several provinces with British Columbia to the southwest and Alberta and Saskatchewan directly to the south. Unfortunately, they opted to select the WCLC over the BCLC, which is a vastly inferior betting system but thankfully these nifty online sportsbooks below provide a much better alternative every resident in the NWT can access.

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    Northwest Territories Sports Lottery

    Due to its small population size and the frigid weather conditions up in the NWT, it’s not too surprising they lack any notable sports teams or major casinos. It’s still a bit disappointing given the locals’ natural affinity for gambling, although on the plus side, the terrible Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) are also absent. NWT uses the Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s (WCLC) Sports Select schemes, which are decent but not the best. With the WCLC’s Sports Select Pro-Line scheme, betting is accessible but the deck is stacked unfairly against the bettor.

    A three-wager minimum is required meaning all three picks have to win and with additional TIE rules, they have to win within the minimum requirements of Pro-Line.A simple win won’t do. The payouts are great until bettors realize they are watered down and online sportsbooks offer the proper amount.

    A simple win won’t do. The payouts are great until bettors realize they are watered down and online sportsbooks offer the proper amount.

    Pro-Line vs Online Sportsbooks

    While online sportsbooks aren’t perfect, the list of pros far outweigh any cons especially in comparison with Canadian lottery systems like the WCLC’s Pro-Line. Here’s a look at what these books can do for bettors:

    • Single wagering available; goodbye forced three-wager restrictions
    • Better payouts and better odds for all bet types: money line, point spread, futures/propositions
    • No TIE rule; a win is a win on the money line
    • No geographic restrictions; play anytime, anywhere
    • Live betting available

    The Alternative To The Northwest Territories Sports Lottery

    All this talk of online sportsbooks being better than the local Pro-Line lottery is paper-thin without actual evidence to support. Looking at the NHL odds, a three-team wager is necessary. Parlaying all slight underdogs in the Edmonton Oilers at +110, the New York Islanders at +115, and the Arizona Coyotes at +200 with a $100 bet profits $701, not a bad payout until you consider all three teams have to win in regular time. Otherwise, the entire bet is busted.

    In contrast, the same parlay at a top online sportsbook like SportsInteraction nets $961, a $260 difference and any kind of victory will be considered even if it’s a shootout or overtime win. The proof is in the pudding. While the WCLC’s Pro-Line platform is not an absolute ripoff, the additional rules make it more difficult to win and more frustrating to follow.

    With the online books like SportsInteraction, there is just more freedom for players and to add to that is a signup bonus of up to $200 in cash value. Gambling should be fun and focused on the books that offer better rewards and allow more leeway is just a better investment.