Nunavut Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

There really is a lot of nothing in Nunavut – a breathtaking view of nothing. As the largest piece of Canada, Nunavut also has the smallest population with just a little over 37,000 inhabitants. It is also the youngest only joining the Canadian Confederacy in 1999 after it broke apart from the Northwest Territories. As one would expect, there is hardly any sports or gaming going on here but there are still a few who fancy sports betting or two…

Nunavut Online Sports Betting

The gambling scene is a bit quiet up here in Nunavut like most other things. This is a perfect destination for anyone seeking solitude and time to find themselves or make meaning of the universe. But for everyone else looking to get into sports gambling, the WCLC’s Sports Select Pro-Line is the only local avenue. Follow our advice and check out the top sports betting websites.

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    Lotteries in Nunavut

    At best, sports and gambling is scarce in Nunavut. There are no sports teams, barely any sports bars, and the sale of liquor is even banned in most Nunavut communities. Posting up casinos also appears unlikely as Iqaluit, their biggest “city” is home to only 7,000 people.

    The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC)’s Sports Select Pro-Line is probably the only local sports lottery to find. The lack of conventional pleasures in Nunavut is a theme and online sports betting may still be relatively unknown especially to those who never leave the territory. The WCLC is the Canadian lottery governing agency assigned here and pencil and paper Pro-Line tickets seem fitting to the low-tech way of life. But these aren’t just inconvenient, they are a three-bet parlay minimum with complicated TIE rules to make this a hassle.

    Pro-Line vs Online Sportsbooks

    Winning on the Pro-Line isn’t impossible and sharp bettors know how to navigate these treacherous waters even if losing is far more common. With the online sportsbooks, there is more parity for the bettor and the conditions are fairer all around:

    • No three-bet parlay restriction; single wagers allowed with no additional rules
    • No TIE rules; a winning team is a winning team on the money line; in the event of a draw/tie, money is “pushed” back to the player
    • Better betting odds and payout isn’t watered down; money line, parlays, point spread, propositions/futures all included
    • Live betting available anytime, any place

    The Alternative To Nunavut Lottery

    Any athlete will tell you. Winning is hard. Likewise, any seasoned gambler will agree. Sports is full of upsets and the likelihood of a team winning being translated to odds and betting prices make it even more complex. The Pro-Line platform further adds unnecessary complications by forcing players to pick three winning teams that win over their TIE rules meaning winning less than what’s necessary (i.e. five points in NBA) leads to a losing bet.

    Point-spread betting alleviates the issue but it still requires two picks. 

    The only alternative is to check online sportsbooks like SIA, one of the leaders for Canadian online betting. Not only does it have better pricing, it does away with any forced parlays. Single wagers are welcome. Feeling the Toronto Blue Jays? No need to look through other leagues or teams to parlay, just bet straight. Better yet, signup bonuses are given to new players with values up to $200 in cash. Winning will be easier and that automatically makes it more fun.