Ontario Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

Ontario is home to over 14 million Canadians or 40% of the nation’s population. The province also carries the vast majority of sports in the country with three CFL teams, two NHL franchises, an MLS club and the only MLB an NBA teams. Constantly evolving and growing as a province, the money keeps flowing through the nation’s largest province as they have a major sports game happening almost every day. Unfortunately, the cool denizens of Ontario are left with limited betting options strictly regulated by the government.

Ontario Online Sports Betting

It’s hard not to get into sports betting if you’re from Ontario. During the fall and winter seasons the Leafs, Senators, and Raptors are in action. Come spring, the Blue Jays take the mound. By summer, the CFL returns with the Argonauts, Tiger-Cats, and Redblacks. And this isn’t even counting the secondary and international leagues and tournaments. Provincial gambling regulations however have limited the options Ontarians get when it comes to sports betting but fortunately top Ontario sports betting sites below give a much better option. 

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    Lotteries In Ontario

    Ontarians have a wide variety of sports to choose from. In Toronto alone, there are five big-time pro sports teams from the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays. They also have the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Argonauts. And outside Ontario, the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Ottawa Redblacks, and Ottawa Senators in the NHL. Stand-alone casinos like Caesars Windsor and Casino Niagara, plus plenty of “racinos” at various racetracks like the Woodbine Racetrack give Ontario a deeply-rooted gambling scene. Saying betting in Ontario is “behind” is putting it nicely.

    Compared to others, the OLG’s Pro-Line system is straight out of the medieval ages. Ontarians cannot place bets online and it’s 2016 where over 90% of the population use the Internet daily. Pro-Line requires players to fill out forms with a minimum of three bets and despite PlayOLG offering online casinos, it’s unacceptable especially in comparison to our top bookmakers.

    Pro-Line vs Online Sportsbooks

    The government-regulated gambling in Ontario is really stalling the market given that over 40% of the country’s population reside in the province. Fortunately, Ontarians can turn to online books that are superior in terms of accessibility and will have these benefits over the OLG’s systems:

    • Doesn’t have mandatory three-wager bets on games that have five betting lines
    • Best betting lines and a ton of betting options
    • Can be accessed anytime, anywhere; no geographic limitations 
    • Live betting options almost always available!

    The Alternative To The Ontario Sports Lottery

    If you’re feeling lucky, you should give the OLG pro-line gambling system a shot. While you’re at it, you might as well play Lotto 649 and cross the street with your eyes closed. It’s no secret: playing the pro-line takes a lot away from sports betting essentially minimizing your odds at winning. If you nail a couple of games right it will be pointless when you make a mistake.

    This isn’t the case with the top-rated online sportsbooks like SportsInteraction where you have a plethora of betting choices. Feeling the Toronto Raptors tonight? You can bet them on the Pro-Line but you’ll need to take two other teams you may or may not know about as much. It’s two extra risks. Instead, head on over and place a bet on them whether it’s on the money line or the point spread. If you want to get fancy, there are also plenty of propositions for games and events that take place in the future. The betting prices are some of the best and accessing your account is easy any time you have an Internet connection. Best of all, you get a signup bonus of up to $200 in cash making it a sweeter deal once you’re ready to give online gambling a shot.