Saskatchewan Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s prairie and boreal province being the only province without natural borders. With just over a million residents, it ranks sixth in the nation in terms of population. Because of its location, mercilessly cold winters and blazing hot summers are frequent. Flanked by Alberta to the west and Manitoba to the east, the province is also home to hot sports betting mainly focused on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the sole pro sports team around.

Saskatchewan Online Sports Betting

Saskatchewanites bet through the WCLC, an alliance between the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. Despite having plenty of restrictions and unfair conditions, the starved fans of Rider Nation flock for the Pro-Line and lay down their hard-earned money usually leading to frustration. Fortunately, our top sportsbooks provide a healthy alternative.

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    Lotteries in Saskatchewan

    The Casino Regina, offering over 800 slot machines, tons of tables games, and a modern poker room, is the province’s leading location for gambling. Marquis Downs in Saskatoon is the province’s leader in horse racing. The Roughriders are the province’s only major pro sports team but plenty of second-level leagues like WHL hockey and WMBL baseball enjoy plenty of attention from the locals.

    The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has afforded Canadians limited betting options particularly those in Saskatchewan. That players have to deal with a three-wager model that adds TIE odds, watered down lines and prices, and a non-online model make it impractical to play. Betting is supposed to be fun and rewarding but players may not even physically be able to bet when Biblical levels of snow hit the province.

    Pro-Line vs Online Sportsbooks

    Saskatchewan players are short-changed by the WCLC only limiting them to the Pro-Line. While winning the tickets are still doable, the risks far outweigh the rewards. Make gambling fun again with the benefits of our online sportsbooks: 

    • Best betting odds on a variety of options with better payouts
    • No three-wager restriction, no TIES; single bets welcome
    • Live betting anytime, anywhere
    • Not restricted to geographic location

    The Alternative To The Saskatchewan Sports Lottery

    When the Internet first became popular in the mid-90s, people revealed at its wonder. It didn’t matter that dial-up was slow and it took forever to do menial things like emailing or listening to music. Now, a dial-up connection is laughed at and belongs in history class not in any kind of home or office space. This is similar to the WCLC’s Pro-Line system in Saskatchewan.

    The parlay and TIE restrictions should be enough to turn players off but their payouts are proven ripoffs as well. Paying more to profit less is absurd so there are wagering alternatives with other elite sportsbooks.

    With those, players are not forced to parlay their selections and have the power to bet on single games. Players can bet on the Riders and just the Riders. Better yet, if players do use parlay, the payouts are better. The betting prices are more competitive, there are more options and betting types, and the signup bonus yielding up to $200 in value is more incentive to sign up.

    Now, Rider Nation can enjoy their team and rest easy thinking they can bet on them or hedge at any time and any place.