Top 10 College Players Biggest Rookie NFL Contracts

Days of NCAA football stars hitting the jackpot during the NFL Draft are long gone thanks to cooler heads prevailing. However, that didn’t happen until a lot of money was packed into Brink’s trucks that were lined up at the headquarters of quite a few NFL teams between 2006 and 2010. As the following article illustrates, teams like the St. Louis Rams and Detroit Lions wrote a number of monster size cheques as they were the biggest troughs during the NFL Draft feeding frenzies.

Betting on Top NFL Draft Picks is Often a Dicey Proposition

Beware of busts! That’s the theme as we take a look at NCAA football players who scored big by banking ultra rich first year pro contracts. Although the NFL and NFLPA adjusted their CBA to limit rookie contracts, and thus protect themselves from their own tomfoolery, these players broke the bank and often the backs of the fiscally irresponsible teams who drafted them. While a few of these NCAAF stars played at a high level on Sundays, USC Trojans running back Reggie Bush was the only one who enjoyed the thrill of a Super Bowl Championship. If the thought of burning money makes you cringe – look away as we present the top ten college players biggest rookie NFL contacts.

Top Online Sportsbooks Offer Betting on Sports, Politics and Entertainment

As evident by the number of high draft picks that turned out to be busts on our list above, there are no guarantees on Draft Day. One thing that can be guaranteed is the wide variety of NFL wagering options bettors receive at the top ranked online sportsbooks recommended here at Online Betting Canada. At the time of publishing (October 9, 2016) bookmakers were offering hundreds of prices on NFL Week 5 action. Spread prices, game total odds, money lines, player props, as well as futures prices for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, are always available around the clock everyday.

That’s the tip of the iceberg though as online bookies offer betting lines on most major pro and college sports, entertainment and even politics. On the latter, we were amused that online bookmakers were offering prop betting options that featured how many times the words China, Russia, Mexico, Trillion and Tremendous would be spoken during the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Creativity is a hallmark of the sportsbooks as they have been reinventing the online betting wheel for over two decades. 

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