Top 10 NFL Teams To Bet On In 2016

The NFL season is here! Finally, your Sundays have meaning again! So it’s time to start thinking about your betting strategy. Who is going to be your horse, so to speak? Which team should you hitch your betting wagon up to? This year, we already have massive injuries and suspensions to factor into betting. More so, than any season in recent memory. After four weeks though some things have become clear. Here are a few of the more fascinating picks, and our the top 10 NFL teams to bet on in 2016. 

Best NFL Teams To Follow In 2016

Your Best Betting Advice for the NFL This Year

Betting on football is an art. As each team only plays a single game per week, all aspects the matchup are put under the microscope and dissected. Bettors are privy to so much information; it can be overwhelming at times. Some of it just fluff – like who is starting at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Some of it has dire consequences – typically, injuries and suspensions have the biggest on lines.

When betting on football, there are many different types of bets to consider. Spreads are highly popular when betting on football. When looking at the spread consider where the game is being played, the health of the rosters and history. Can a healthy Cleveland Browns team keep the Pittsburgh Steelers – a team over the last decade and a half has dominated them – within two scores. With a spread at -14.5 bettors need to consider this and look at the raw numbers and the potential for garbage-time points. If anything sends bettors into a tizzy – its garbage time points that cause them to lose their bets. Along with spreads, props are a popular option –especially for the Super Bowl.

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