Top 10 Sports Video Games Of All Time

Sports remain an integral part of the collective human consciousness but for every non-athlete, there are sports games. Franchises like Madden NFL, FIFA and Wii Sports have sold over 100 million copies worldwide highlighting how popular the genre has become. Just like the actual sports, the games are both fun and competitive and the advent of online gaming has only made them more prevalent. With the countless sports games, we highlighted ten (one from each franchise) which stood out and are considered classics.

The Best Sports Games Ever Made

Bet On Every Sport On The Planet

Sports remain ever as popular and the dawn of new technology only makes the subsequent video games even better. Many can argue playing the game isn’t the same as watching or playing the sport but it’s a unique experience that tens of millions of players go through every year. Franchises like Madden, PES (and FIFA) and the NBA 2K series continue to sell like hot cakes as players get to live their fantasies in the virtual realm as well as compete against each other in online tournaments, with some for money. But if playing video games isn’t your thing, there’s always watching sports and gambling on the side.

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