Super Bowl Futures Explained

Predicting the winner of single NFL games is the bread-and-butter of NFL betting but take it up a notch and predict which team wins the Super Bowl with Super Bowl Futures as early as before this year's Super Bowl is even played.

What are Super Bowl Futures?

  Super Bowl Futures Explained Super Bowl Futures Explained Super Bowl Futures Explained
Patriots -150 -160 -155
Falcons +130 +140 +135

With the NFL, it’s all about winning the Super Bowl and for both fans and bettors, successfully predicting which team wins it all way ahead of time doesn’t just pay but also entitles them to all the bragging rights. Super Bowl Futures is the place to visit for those looking to profit with their bold predictions. Super Bowl Futures are a type of bet where you wager on an expected outcome or the long-term results of a team or player. In this case: it's which team wins the Super Bowl. Also known as “Odds to Win”, bettors must correctly select a team to win the event in a later time. Their money will be tied up until the outcome is decided and bettors receive fixed odds when betting.

Simply pick which of these teams is going to win next year’s Super Bowl. These are very early projections and based mostly on the outcomes of this season. The Patriots, the Super Bowl favourites heading into Sunday are also the favourites to win next season with the Falcons, their underdog opponents coming in at second. The Cowboys, the NFC’s best regular season team is at third. Futures odds are commonly updated with lines changing for a variety of reasons most notably when the team has a change in the roster. 

Betting on Super Bowl Futures: Strategy and Tips

Betting Super Bowl Futures is a tall task simply for the fact none of us are Nostradamus and it is near-impossible to predict every thing that will happen in regards to the team of choice and the NFL. When betting Futures however, a few soft rules can be remembered to help minimize risk:

Strike Early: for Futures, the best lines are usually released early until the public bets them down or the oddsmakers lower the odds. Take the case of the Patriots in the example above. 6-1 on them winning it all may be generous right now and will likely trend down closer to 2-1 unless a major catastrophe strikes the team, which is unlikely.

The More, The Merrier: because you are getting multiple returns on all the odds, betting on more than one team exponentially increases your chances of winning. If you bet the Pats at 6-1, you could still bet up to 5 additional teams at the same wager and break even if the Pats win. Worst case scenario, none of your 6 teams win and you lose. But no risk, no reward.   

Bet on the Super Bowl 2017

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