NFL Over Under Explained

Beyond the money line and point spreads is the over under or totals in National Football League wagering. This is when the total score of the game is played as opposed to picking a winner or loser and involves a completely different strategy while adding something else to get excited about. We look at the intricacies of this type of game and offer some advice. Read and enjoy your over/under bets.

What is the Over Under or Totals

Point spreads and money lines are most popular because predicting the winner is the bread-and-butter of gambling. Alternatively, predicting the total game score has gained popularity. This is called the over/under or totals. To play the over/under, you bet whether the total score will go over (more than) or under (less than) the number the oddsmaker has set. Whoever wins is irrelevant.

Here’s an example:

Atlanta Falcons o63.5 -110
New Orleans Saints u63.5 -110

The oddsmaker has lined the totals to be either over or under 63.5. If the Falcons and Saints score 36-30, the total is 66 meaning the o63.5 will cash but alternatively if they only score 29-26 for 55, the u63.5 is the winner. In the event a total is set at a whole number (no decimal) and the total score is exactly the same, it is a "push" and all bets are off (money back). 

Strategy and Tips for Over Unders/Totals

When it comes to betting the over/unders, patience and timing is key. It is good to read any betting trends gamblers have regarding the teams to gauge if they will go for the over or the under. Factoring in other conditions like weather, playing surface, and injuries to the teams is a given as well as looking up statistics on how teams perform in the conditions.

There are two trends that arise from the over/unders:


Plenty of gamblers are just fans meaning they do not do research and bet simply on instinct. Most fans also bet subconsciously on how they want a game to play out. The over number gets bet up early because fans love high-scoring games. If you're looking to bet the over, try hitting it quickly before other bettors raise the number.


The under is the opposite of the over also in terms of how it is bet. The over going up means the under goes up as well and this leaves a good opportunity for sharp bettors to capitalize. If you're looking to bet the under, waiting might be a good idea unless of course, it is a game between two elite defenses or poor offenses then the under might be the more popular play.

The only way to get good at betting is to start betting and keep betting. It is about long-term results. A square (casual) doesn't become a sharp (experienced) overnight. The top online sportsbooks like SIA have some of the best odds on the NFL and other sports and a $200 value signup bonus is available for new players so give it a shot.

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