As mixed martial arts have grown significantly in popularity since the beginning of the 21st century, the market was primed for the creation of a new league to help satisfy the ever increasing and passionate MMA fan base. Bellator has been able to help satisfy the demand of MMA fans and bettors across Canada and the world.   

Best Online Sites for Bellator Betting in Canada

As Bellator continues to expand its roster and produce great fight cards, the amount of action to bet on is bigger and better than ever before.  We have compiled a list of the best betting sites for Canadians, so bettors have plenty of great options to choose from.


    Since the bell rung for its first event in 2009, Bellator has risen up the ranks of MMA leagues around the world. In its early days, Bellator used tournaments to determine the challenger in title fights and differentiate it from competing leagues. As Bellator has grown to become a household name in the MMA world and under the management of Scott Coker (the founder of the now defunct Strikeforce), Bellator has transitioned to a more traditional method of handpicking the best matchups for title fights. Bellator has grown to become a global name in the MMA world, with a strong presence in North American, the U.K and Russia. 

    How to Bet on Bellator

    The rules and structure of Bellator should not confusion any avid MMA fan or bettor, as the basic rules and factors to consider when betting on MMA always apply. The most important factors to consider when betting on Bellator are... Weight Classes: The rule of thumb for weight classes is simple. As a fighter's weight increases, so too does a fighter's power (or the ability to knockout an opponent). Higher weight classes do have their drawbacks, as fighters in higher weight classes have less stamina than their brethren in lower weight classes such as Bantamweight.      

    Fighting Style: Fighting style is the most critical element to consider when placing prop bets on method of victory. Fighters train in specific martial arts styles, often more than one, and frequently have a background in wrestling, to give them a wide range of skills in the ring. Ground based styles such as judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu focus on taking fighter to the ground, gaining control and position and using various submission holds to win the match. Striking styles such as kickboxing and taekwondo centre around landing hits, scoring points and potentially knocking out an opponent.

    Fighter History: A fighter's history will include their record, method of victory and sometimes an injury report. Reviewing how a certain fighter has won contests and how they have fared against similar opponents is of the utmost importance for bettors. Watch out for fighters coming back too quickly from injury, as a savvy opponent will any advantage they can come by (even if it means putting extra pressure on a freshly healed knee or elbow).

    Betting Options for Bellator

    With picks, props and even sometimes parlays, betting on Bellator is both exciting and strategic. The most common ways to best on Bellator include...

    Total Rounds: Set as an over/under, a bettor is picking whether the match will end early (the under) or last longer/ go to the judges (over). The standard over/under line is the midpoint of the match, meaning half way through the second round for standard fights and half way through the third round for championship fights. 

    Round of Victory: This betting option allows bettors to pick what round the match will end, or select whether the match will go to the judges table. Simple in concept, pairing or parlaying round of victory with a fighter will increase your total winnings.

    Method of Victory: Bettors frequently have the options to pick how a fighter will win a match. Grouped into three categories -- Win by Knockout, Technical Knockout or Disqualification -- Win by Points or Technical Decision -- Win by Submission, method of victory odds will heavily reflect a fighter's style and history. If a fighter is 15-5 and has never won a match by submission, the odds of him winning by submission will be much worse than the other methods of victory.   

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