Centered in massive arenas filled with screaming fans, two fighters enter the octagon shaped ring for a shot at glory, recognition and even the championship belt. The Ultimate Fight Championship is a grueling test of mental and physically preparation, strength and sacrifice. With some of the world's best athletes and most hardcore fans, the UFC revolutionized mixed martial arts. Bettors have embraced the UFC and it is now one of the most bet on sports across the global.  

Best Online Sites for UFC Betting in Canada

For everyone from the casual bettor to the most ardent UFC fan, there are plenty of betting options out there to choose from. We have compiled a list of the best sites out there, with great odds and update-t-date information. Check them out and start making bets today. 


    For over 20 years, the UFC has redefined mixed martial arts, helping to introduce it to generations of new fans. Through savvy marketing, the adaption of better rules (to improve fighter safety and make it more acceptable) and some excellent rivals the UFC now is watched (and bet on) all over the world.

    How to Bet on UFC

    When making bets on UFC events, it is important to take into account a few importants elements of mixed martial arts. These elements include...

    Fighter Style: The styles (or disciplines) a fighter trains and fights with is important for determining how a fighter will likely win a match. Striking based fighters tend to win matches through point accumulation and knockout. Jiu-jitsu and similar fighting styles focus on getting opponents to the ground and winning by submission. Most MMA fighters have some background in wrestling. Wrestling gives a fighter the ability to control a match, defend themselves on the ground and gain pivotal positioning when battling their opponent. Fighters lacking any wrestling background have a tendency to not have very long or successful careers in the UFC.

    Weight Classes: The simple rule to follow when looking at weight classes is; the higher the weight class the increase in likelihood of knockout and the lower the fighter stamina. It is much more common to see an early knockout by heavyweights than it is by flyweights or bantamweights.

    Fighter History: Knowing how fighters have performed against similar opponents can help a bettor make a better bet. Looking at a fighter's record and seeing how they have won and lost is important, especially when making prop bets on how a match will be won.

    Betting Options

    Outside of the typical bet option of who will win, bettors can place prop bets and over/under bets. Available betting options include...

    Total Rounds: The majority of the time, an over/under of 1.5 (for standard matches) and 2.5 (for championship matches) is a betting option. If a bettor selects this method of betting, they are trying to determine whether the match will end before or after the 1:30 mark of the second round (of standard bouts) or the 1:30 mark of the third round (of championship bouts). Consider weight classes and fighting styles when placing an over/under bet, as cards with two fighters who both lack knockout power and a strong submission game usually last longer, while super heavy weights and submission specialists can end matches more prematurely.

    Method of Victory: This betting option is paired with a fighter and involves how that fighter will win the match. There are three standard categories to choose from. The categories are - Win by Technical Knockout, Knockout or Disqualification, Win by Points of Technical Decision or Win by Submission. Looking at a fighter's style and fighting history can significantly improve your chances of winning this type of bet.

    Round of Victory: Simple in concept, this involves selecting what round a match will end or betting that the match will go to decision.

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