Manitoba Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

Manitoba is Canada’s fifth-most populous province home to slightly over 1.3 million residents. The province is bordered by Saskatchewan to the west, Ontario to the east and Nunavut to the north. For thousands of years, Aboriginal peoples have inhabited Manitoba and make up their largest ethnic minority group. The province is also home to the CFL’s Winnipeg Bombers and the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets and just to the south are the Minnesota sports clubs, which local sports fans follow as many of their games are broadcasted to the province.

Manitoba Online Sports Betting

The summers are beautiful but short in Winnipeg and for the most part, it is a winter wasteland with long and cold winters that can take up to nine months of the year. While most fans will be indoors watching the latest Jets or Bombers game, many trudges through the snow to purchase Sports Select tickets. This just seems too trying of a journey and an unnecessary step that is hazardous to one’s safety. Fortunately, the top-ranked online sportsbooks listed here give Manitoba sports fans a hassle-free alternative.

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    Lotteries in Manitoba

    Winnipeg is where all the major sports and gambling happenings take place in Manitoba. The province’s largest city and capital is home to McPhillips Station and the Club Regent Casinos along with the two largest wagering options in the province, the PlayNow and WCLC.

    Several First Nations live betting venues in Manitoba namely the Assiniboia Downs Racino offers live and simulcast horse betting but unfortunately, no live sports betting options. Good news is that Manitobans can turn to both the BCLC (British Columbia) and WCLC (Western Canada) to get their gambling fix. The bad news is that both of them still have limited and exploitative restrictions that stack the deck against the gambler, especially new ones. Poor parlay betting structures, devalued betting lines, and the choice of multiple betting prices on many games, helps the house unfairly keep the odds in their favor. Thankfully, online sportsbooks offer a fresh new alternative.

    PlayNow vs Online Sportsbooks

    The BCLC and WCLC offer a lot of betting options especially the BCLC’s PlayNow option but being government-controlled has shortened their options, limited their profitability and made it frustrating for both new and longtime gamblers.

    The online sportsbooks do away with many of these restrictions:

    • Accessible online at any place; not limited to being within the province unlike the PlayNow
    • Not limited to three-team parlays; single bets are good and they come at the best betting prices, not watered down prices
    • Plenty of betting options from money line, point spreads and propositions for future games
    • Live sports betting is good to go

    The Alternative To The Manitoba Sports Lottery

    Like their friends over at British Columbia, Manitoba gamblers can check out the PlayNow wagering platform. This is the closest thing to a legitimate betting site that is government-controlled and they have even started following online models by offering clients signup bonuses and valuable cash back rewards. Unfortunately, like most things government-controlled, PlayNow still has restrictions and unfair betting requirements that keep it a hassle to access.

    Sometimes fans just want to bet on their Winnipeg Jets and be done with it.

    Checking out legitimate bookmakers online like SportsInteraction will reveal they not only offer competitive betting prices but also plenty of options. Feeling the Jets will blow out their opponent? You can bet them on the money line or the point spread or even adjust your prediction to win more at greater risk or win less at lesser risk. There are endless options for you to customize and maximize your chances at profiting. The signup bonus of up to $200 in cash makes signing up even more rewarding and add to that the friendly customer service and there should be no more hassles!