Top 10 Best Nicknames Of MLB History

Baseball nicknames used to be a big part of the players in the league as almost every talented superstar from the early 1900’s up until the end of the century had some sort of nickname attached to them. From guys like “the Great Bambino” Babe Ruth, up until someone like “the Big Hurt” Frank Thomas, superstars in the Major Baseball League and nicknames went hand in hand. Since the turn of the century, baseball nicknames has become a bit of a lost art, but while those two previous stars didn’t make the following gallery.

Ten MLB Nicknames To Remember

While there are some guys in today’s game with some nicknames fans love to use, it could be the case that the best of the best in this category will be gone from the game for awhile once David Ortiz retires at the end of the 2016 season. “Big Papi” is known worldwide and all the rest today are simply used by the individual fanbases of that player. When you go back and look at the history of the game it really is a shame that’s the way it’s happened, but there just aren’t that many eccentric or charismatic ball players these days.

Baseball nicknames and MLB betting are two very unrelated things, and a list like that doesn’t do anything to help one’s betting bankroll. But it never hurts to take time to learn about the history of the game and some of the colorful personalities it had when you are handicapping for the future and that’s what a list like this provides.

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